This is a project we’ve had on our minds for a while and we’re finally making it a reality! With the help of we were able to get our hands on the Mini XRX go kart buggy which is one of the smallest karts on the market. With the gameplan of performing massive wheelies, we sourced a two-cylinder 2 stroke Chapparal snowmobile Fuji engine to give the kart the power needed to pop some sweet wheelies. Stay tuned for the next episode and thank you for watching!
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Rear Axle 36” x1:
Wheels and tires (20x7-8 Long lasting tires, 8” live axle wheel 1” bore) :
Bearing Kit x1:
Sprocket Hub x1:
54T Sprocket x2:
780 series Driven Pulley:
Throttle Cable x1:
Jackshaft x1:
Jackshaft Brackets x1:
Locking Collars x8:
12T Sprocket x1:
Chain x1:
Keyway x5:
6” Brake Disc x1:
Comet 94C driver pulley 30mm taper:
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Intro and Overview 0:00-2:01
Frame Mods 2:01-6:16
Fixing the Engine 6:16-10:31
Final Assembly 10:31-12:50
Drive + Finale 12:50-15:30

Welcome back! We're here in the shop with our next project. This is the Mini Xrx and it is one of the smallest go-karts you can get your hands on. We got ours with the help of our friends over at Go Power Sports and it doesn't have an engine and it's a little dirty, but that's perfect because we got a lot of modifications and big plans in store for this thing. ever since we started this YouTube channel I've been talking to Joe and Daniel about building a Mini Xrx The first time we saw these in Go Power Sports I Always wanted to have one and make it do giant wheelies.

so we have these big meaning long life tires from Go Power Sports and we have a 40 horsepower 300C snowmobile engine. So since we got this big old motor, we basically have to redo the entire drivetrain back there. So we have the Comet 94c driver pulley, a Go Powersports 780 driven pulley. We have all the little goodies like these: sliding Jack shaft mounts, bearing hangers, brakes, a sprocket, and as usual all the links for these parts are in the description from Jason how tall are you I'm 6'2 and this is a go-kart for two children.

So oh bit of a small fit. Yeah I think you're a bit larger than two children. Yeah, if I sit upright, you can almost see over. but uh yeah.

so we'll have to do some modifications for safety cuz you know we don't want our heads chopped off. but it's going to be fun. Yeah, buckle up! We're going to do a wheelie simulator. Okay, your full, where's the limit of the wheelie? This is okay.

so the back of the frame is on the ground. This is how do you feel? Oh, this is sketchy dude. Are you terrified? Yeah, that's it. Can go more too.

That's good. That's good. Okay, all right, let's set her down. Watch your head.

Y at least it has some suspension. Yeah, that would have been worse. but manoo, it's going. This is going to be a wild ride.

We got the axle all loosened up. So what we're hoping for is that we can use these existing bearing hangers for our new axle. but we'll have to see. Lovely.

that sounded nice. T Well, unfortunately, our stock bearings for the Xrx do not fit our upgraded 1inch bearings so we're going to have to be cutting off all this stuff, deciding on location, welding it all up so some more work. But you know, kind of expected. We've got our axle and new wheels and tires just kind of mocked up right now so we can test the engine fitment around.

Okay, see or packaging will be okay. uh at the weird. exhaust actually isn't that bad. It kind of tucks around it Loops Under I Was expecting it to be horrible.

It looks weird. It'll keep our gas warm too. Yeah, all right here we go. I Have a feeling the cart's going to end up like this after we take it on our first drive.

Got a little bit more to go, but that looks plenty strong. already. see the new stance? Cool I Like it? yeah, sticks out a little bit, but honestly not that much. He's got that forward rake.
Here comes the 780. This is a nice tight belt so we don't have to take up too much room. So after a bunch of grinding, we got all of our seat mounts and our shock mounts cut off and that allows us to relocate these shocks in board which will make our Jack shaft nice and happy sitting up close towards the seat. I We just cut up our exhaust Mount but that'll let us tilt it a little bit to the left and back.

That will give us some more room between the exhaust and the frame we go. It was a little bit of a challenge to get everything to fit in this tight space, but everything's in and we can show it now that the engine's out. We got the engine plate torque converter Jack shaft with go Power Sports adjustable Jack Shaft mounts small sprocket going to a big sprocket on the axle and the things we had to move around where the brakes. they went from this side to this side and the suspension.

We move from this rail to this inner rail but everything works and I think it looks pretty good. Yeah, not too bad. It's a little dirty, it's kind of slimy. There we go, hold open.

Oh there's fuel. Got fuel? Did you just like floor it? I think it had like halfway. Well we jumped ahead a little bit here with the disassembly of this engine, but as you all saw, it kind of took off. We started it again with just starter fluid and no carb did the exact same thing.

So we're thinking is there's a lot of excess fuel in here here and since there's no gasket here and just hair, it's probably got a vacuum leak or not a vacuum leak, but a crank case leak which acts kind of like a vacuum leak and is just pumping air into the engine and letting it run. Okay, so not no play in the rods, no play in the crank. the cylinder walls from what I can see over by the exhaust Port look perfectly fine. so this is a pretty solid engine.

Our issues are that whoever sealed this up used like a little bit of RTV but didn't even cover the whole thing thing and there's two bolts missing from the front. so basically air is just rushing in. Our carb was probably running a little bit rich and that was just letting this thing take off. So hopefully once we get all this cleaned up and sealed, it should run perfectly fine.

Y'all look at this. It's actually disgusting. We thought this was hair. it's actually a clump of dead spiders.

So nasty, man. All right. So we're using Yamabond Crank case sealer. This stuff works great for us and we're just trying to get as thin of a layer as possible and then we'll have to clean up.

You know, any little bits we got on the crankshaft? All right, bottom end is all back together. We're going to just kind of use the drill. Joe Hand over. We'll prime it first and then.

uh, we'll see. Got fuel? Okay, well, the fact that it didn't run right there is already a good sign. All right. Just give it a little bit of gas choke.
Okay, ready. Yep. All right dude. Nice.

Okay, yeah, now we can start mounting this thing up. We were just waiting until it ran, so let keep going. It's engine time. All right.

Fits like a glove. Look at that. It honestly looks pretty clean. Like it's not.

It's I mean it's packaged, you know? But it's not super cluttered. We've got our carbon and we've got a pulse pump from Gowers Sports and hopefully this will keep fuel supply to our carburetor and we're popping our wheelies. Yeah, we're putting a lot of faith into this cuz we don't know if it will wheel yet, but if it can do this I'll be I'll be pretty happy you know Dude, our wheelie bar has to be like Stubby 1 in. So we switched out our stock gas tank for a Predator.

Really the only reason is because the pickup on the stock is up front and then if we're doing wheelies, that won't be getting any gas. So the Predator is right here in the back somehow. It just fits in perfectly. Honestly looks kind of good and it's also a little bit more away from exhaust so it's a little bit safer too.

So a lot of plus size of this. and to wrap this up with a nice little bow that go power sports flag. Can I get some type of Anthem going for this? It's beautiful. Yeah, as y'all can see, this thing is really Smokey And even though it's a two stroke, we think this is a bit too much smoke so we think it's running a little Rich Another good sign is that as soon as we even just touched the air filter here, it immediately shut off.

So yeah, we're going to see we have some extra Jets We can kind of mess around with it and hopefully that'll fix this. We ended up changing the Jets in the carb from a 240 to a 170 so almost kind of a built Predator size carb jet. So a really big jump. So we're really think that this is not the stock carb.

Saw some images online. none of them had this style carb. All of them were butterfly valve style carbs. so I don't know what's going on with that.

It may still be running a little. Rich We'll have to kind of do test and tune, but now it's good enough to drive and we have a chain on there. We have a helmet over there so I Think we should see if this thing does some wheelies. What happened? Chain popped off? Yeah yeah, our chain is loose.

W Okay, okay well I mean the mini Xrx is pretty awesome. It handles pretty well. you know it's got a tight steering radius. The the go-kart itself is pretty awesome.

The stuff we didn't touch the engine and jackshaft does need some more work. I mean we just took the air filter off. it started running better and making more power so it's definitely still too rich. so we're going to have to lean those Jets out even more and then our Jack shaft.

You can probably hear a chain skipping so we need. Since our Jack Sha's so long, we're probably going to need to add another bearing adjustable bearing hanger in the middle and then off of that bearing hanger. We'll add a chain tensioner so our chain will be tensioned. the Jack Sha won't be bending as much.
She'll be a lot more solid and more reliable. so that's the plans for now. Either way, it's pretty late in the night. We've been working on this thing for too long, so that's it for this episode.

Thank you all for watching! We're super excited about this thing so stay tuned for the next videos where we make this thing better and more safe and more reliable. Thank Go Power Sports Thank Go Power Sports He.

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