Teardown of the UNRELEASED Digilent Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230
It will be released on the 29th Feb 2024 for US$695
Featuring the AvE Widlarizer!
Analog Discovery 3 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SbNnaMM1tQ
00:00 - Mystery Mailbag - The Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230
02:24 - So new it doesn't exist yet!
02:58 - Product comparison with Analog Discovery 3
03:59 - Not even the Beta software has support yet
04:33 - Lower cost Pro model
06:01 - First impression
08:31 - Teardown
10:09 - This calls for the AvE Widlarizer!
11:19 - PCB
14:08 - PCB comparison with AD3
15:57 - Oscilloscope Front End
18:18 - Conclusion
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Hi welcome to everyone's favorite segment: Mailbag. Um, this one's going to be a single item mail bag because that's all I've got from Canton Technology: so I have no idea who that is or what this is. So Hong at the right angle and what do we got? Reusable reusable FedEx Packageing Okay, Oh okay, it's something like it's something from Digilent. So I guess that that uh company was a digilent shipping thing? Oh oh oh I Had no idea.

Oh yes, Yes! Look at this bad boy. The Analog: Discovery Pro It's the Um ADP 2230 of course. I've covered the analog uh Discovery before. I've probably done several videos on it and it is like it is.

It is awesome. It's the software that makes it awesome. The hardware is just the hardware. I mean it's just you know and ADC and fpga and Bob's your uncle? really? Um, it's got an adjustable power supply and stuff.

but you know and it's great because it's got like the best software in it. It's so flexible and this is their new. This is their new pro version. Wow! I Didn't know they were going to send this so that's really something a product is considered used if seal broken.

Oh well, we now have a used digilent. Um, that's that's really Schmick I Like the green alloy case on that. Check that out. that's pretty groovy.

I'm liking that. So there you go. So film film? Look at that. Yeah.

I mean we got proper BNC inputs. Um, we've got uh, digital um inputs and is that ping connection? the standard analog Discovery interface I don't know, but what else do we get? We get stickers. very handy. Uh, we got a USBC to USBC the the .1 in pin header.

prob. it's got some spare pins and a couple of uh probes. okay, uh, what's the bandwidth of this thing I can't remember if this is just like the regular analog Discovery but like in a like a professional box, maybe with a beefier power supply or something like that. or whether or not it's got upgraded specs I don't know.

Let's find out Well Turns out this product is so new that it doesn't exist. like like I'm not kidding, this product does not exist Po Here's the card that comes with it: I got no other information when you search ADP 2230 by coincidence that just happens to be an Analog Devices DC todc converter part. obviously uh ADP is analog Discovery Pro so that makes sense and 2230 that is this new model so you know I'm supposed to register here I go to this address and um where have come a guts are and then if you go to to products over here they've got the analog Discovery Pro which is the Big Daddy which I've got kind of as the National Instruments virtual bench. Um and they basically when National instruments bought digilent.

um they basically uh, rebadged the really highend I've done Ted down of the really highend National instruments virtual bench that I've got here which that's the one I use for. Like all my onscreen multimeter stuff, they basically just rebadged that as the Analog Discovery Pro ADP 5250 and um, unfortunately, mine doesn't work with the new software so I still got to use the old virtual bench software anyway. they've got that model and then they've got this one here, which is the analog Discovery Pro 3450 and the 3250. So I assume that's bandwidth.
so that's a 4channel jobby. whereas this one, of course is only a Uh two channel jobby. So this is this is so new, so new that it doesn't exist. and I downloaded and installed the latest Bea software from only just under two weeks ago.

It doesn't. It doesn't actually work, it recognizes it. but I think it's just getting that from like a universal descriptor or something like that. Um, so it's getting the serial number of it and it's getting like it's a USB 3 5 gigit per second, right? So it's actually connected.

I've got it physically hooked up and it says a check for device not supported, no configuration found. check for software update. So there you go. It's so new that it doesn't exist, so I can only presume it is a lowcost version of this analog.

Discovery Pro here now I Believe this is actually quite expensive, right? There's four Channel Jobby. so I believe what they're doing is I Guess they got a lot of complaints. Oh, we only need two channels, right? We don't want to pay for the four Channel Jobby and it's like it's 1,300 bucks, right? This is a serious bit of Kit Okay, you can buy a serious bench top oscilloscope for the price of this, but you can't get the 14 bits. Um, and you can't get the Fantastic software with it right? which is the absolute Killer part of this.

You're not necessarily paying for the hardware, you're paying for the Uh software that goes into this. between the Analog Discovery 3 and the Uh and this one up here and this this one. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it and it's yeah. 2500 this is Yankee bucks and the analog Discovery 3 is 379.

So I'd say maybe this new one possibly like fits under there like I'd be say 700 bucks, 800 bucks. maybe something like that. Don't quote me cuz I have absolutely no idea I get any info on this but if I can I'll include it in the overlay. So I guess all we can do today is a tear down.

Anyway, there really is no point me going over this fantastic software for this. It's the same software for this as it is for all the analog Discovery products and it's brilliant. I've done like a the extensive review of the analog uh Discovery 3. So anyway so we got a nice uh, extruded alloy.

uh case here we've got the Um external 5V DC input the USB 3 over here. um and it's proudly designed by digilent in Romania and the USA I assume it's made in H China but you know would have been nice it was made in Romania Come on, dig you Len You can do it. Um, it would have been nice if it had the separate banana plugs on there for the power supply because you know it's got a reasonable little power supply, a useful little power adjustable power supply in it that can you can ramp it up and do all sorts of you know Wonderful uh things and you can trigger from it and do all sorts of great stuff. Yeah, it would have been nice, but I guess that's you know, encroaching on the territory of the higher end pro model which actually does have oh no I thought this uh Pro 3000 had the uh, banana plugs? it? it doesn't So you have to go over to the uh, that really high-end virtual bench one for 2500 before you get um, actual no, no on that.
you don't even get the banana plugs, you just get the that's right, the screw terminals my my one's actually slightly different to this. My one does actually have the uh, banana plugs on the national instruments. uh, virtual bench I Thought they did have a version of that identical one, but okay. but they do have this discovery USB programmable power supply over here.

So yeah, um I guess they're protecting that market. if you want that, there's a separate little power supply po 500 bucks. that's pretty pricey anyway. um yeah.

I would have, uh, like to have seen, you know, just a couple of small uh binding posts or at least some screw terminals. Maybe you know you could have shifted this over on the PCB layout a bit and just added a couple of um, you know, couple little Phoenix contact uh, you know Screw terminals on there or something. Perhaps that would have been uh, nice. But anyway, you've got the pin header.

There you go: The 14 bit 12 25 Meg samples per second, 40 bit 125 Meg sample per second uh scope as well I'm uh, does that correspond to the analog Discovery 3 except on the analog Discovery 3 is 30 Meg bandwidth on 55 Meg bandwidth on this one. So I assume this one is 55 as well. although 2230 might mean it's a 30 Meg bandwidth so that would be my guess. The 2230 I think that's what it means.

Same bandwidth is the analog Discovery 3. It's just in a more proy case. no I suspected there may not be anything under there. Oh, I' got to get in here somewhere.

Uh, it's isn't a split case so this this back panel has to come off. is that like glued in or something? cuz I don't There's no hidden screws. uh aha, that's a sticker that makes sense that that look like part of the like a back panel. but it's not.

Yeah, there's got to be a screw under there. or is it on the front? No screws under there? What is that gigantic hole under there? W there you go. that's a bit BR hard to get medieval on its ass here. A bit of the glues com G us.

so what are they deep? Long screws or something? Yeah yeah. I do feel something. So I think that's that is a screw in there? Yep, oh that's weird, isn't it? I don't think I've ever seen that. Leave it in the comments If you've ever seen an extruded aluminium case like this that has, um, screws going right through to the front panel, that's really, that's really quite something.
I don't know if I'm in there, that one's not coming out. What? I might have to take the sticker off the front. Got a lead under there if I bash on the connectors I get nothing. Doesn't budge.

What the heck? So complete desperation I had to get that front panel off and you can see that screw hole down in there I got that one out but I didn't get this one out cuz it's like it's threaded or something so give it a whack. Uh, it's not coming out I think this requires the a hammer NOP harder? Maybe. Jeez. The other screw came out perfectly.

Die. Oh something came out hey, there we go. Got it? Got it? Look at that? Bobby Desla Well what a turd that was I Tried to be as gentle as possible, but nope. Nope.

anyway. um yeah, the screw. The screw is still down in there, you can see it and I had to Shear off the plastic just by Brute Force this plastic extension here. Um, just to get that out cuz that screw was stripped stuck.

No idea what? I still don't know it's still in there. so this plastic end piece actually must come out somehow. but I don't see. maybe it's just glued onto the end or something.

Not sure what the deal is. Analog: Discovery Pro 80P 2230 that you cannot get yet. So yeah, they've got a two channel jobby instead of the 4 channel and not sure how different this is to the Uh analog Discovery 3. So I'll take some high-risk photos of this I'll put on Evev blog.com uh and linked into my flicker account.

Um, so yeah, because I'm sure I'm the first one to do a tear down of this bad boy. We got two power supplies there are they fixed at 10 Vols and minus for our waveform gen presumably but what everyone wants to see. Of course all the Magics in Spartan 7. Not sure how much that bad boy uh, cost, but it's I believe these are fairly grunty ones.

I'll try and find a price. obviously they get it cheaper because uh, digilent. originally I think did a deal with Uh XY links didn't they? and they? That's how they could get the price down on this thing. Now it's not so cheap back when it was like a student.

um thing. it was uh, cheap? anyway? uh. external memory there. Oh upside down.

all the electrons are going to fall out. Uh, 3.3 Vol Rail: There looks like we got input protection there for our logic. uh inputs ups. That would be the universal power supply would it? Positive and negative Rail: So that would be the adjustable uh power supply is it? So there's our 6175 boost converter there.

3 amp high voltage boost converter, soft start, programable switching frequency. So are they adjusting the Uh feedback resistor there to give them the adjustable power supply? Don't know what that. 5 Pin Jobby is there, but they might very well be doing that. That would give them the adjustable supplies and 1.35 volt core voltage for the Fpga and or memory.

5 Vols VCC Here another 1.2 Vol core is that there's a ton of voltage levels are required here. Um, that looks like our USB uh Power delivery controller there. so that'd be handling all that. 1.8 Vol core RG 2 1/2 volts.
uh analog. Uh VCC So that would be for the Uh ADC would it? And where's all the magic happening that would be there? That would be your analog to. that would be your ADC There she is. the ADC 3644 14 bit 125 Meg sample per second I I think that's the same one used in the analog Discovery 3 I'd have to actually look up my previous tar down to do a comparison.

There's your arbitary waveform generator Daak 5672 relay output. There's your output termination resistor that's a 14 bit 275 Mig sample second daak. So yep, exactly what you'd expect. Is that the same? And if I go to the EV blog flicker account, there it is.

Uh, the analog Discovery 3 yeah, the Daak 5672 it's exactly the same. and the 3644 it's exactly the same I like the front end is going to be I Reckon the front end is going to be exactly the same. Oh that. it looks shorter.

No, the new front end looks different. It looks shorter. So that's an XC 7s 25. and on this one.

aha, it's an Xc77 s53 Say that three times quickly. Um, yeah, so that one's more bit. It's got going to have more uh, logic elements I might put up the difference here if I can. but uh yeah, it's got a bigger bad um, Fpga in there and but the same ADC the same deck, but that front end looks looks physically shorter.

so I'd say they've uh, they've reconfigured or redesigned that front end. uh I think I'm going to have to desolder those so to get a look at that, I'll take one for the team anyway. your bottom side of your PCB looks like that and what do we got over here is that a Cyprus USB Yep, that's easy. USB Uh, super speed USB controller there so that handles all that.

It's got a USB 3, F and all the rest of the goodie USB on the go blah blah blah blah blah. but that other chip there I reckon is doing some power delivery negotiation perhaps? And yeah, that's a TI Jobby again. Wow. Um, USB type-c uh DRP Port controller Super speed Yep with integrated Super Speed Max supports up to 15 wats of power delivery with 3 amps.

Yep, Yep. I think this is 3 amp rated or something like that. Um, and it does come with the Uh plug pack so that just uh interfaces your power delivery stuff. it's all they using it for.

I Think there you go go. That was a bit of a fight to get that off, but I got it. The other one will be absolutely identical so there's no point. Uh, two trimmers exactly the same as we have on the other one.

I think it's actually exactly the same arrangement I think they've just uh, relayed it out because if I show you the difference, if I Orient it this way and I'll swap between. There you go. So that's the old What? Well, the old, the analog Discovery 3 and it's basically just a relay out front end. I Think this is a 487 17 I don't know what that is, so maybe that is.
that is a bit different. Almost the same. Arrangement Got differential output here obviously so that's a differential uh gain driver Stage Um, what's 4817? There you go. That's a 1 gig bandwidth fast fet Op amp so 1 gig bandwidth minus 3db.

So yeah, that's exactly what you'd expect to find. Guess. Oh look. ADC Drivers go figure.

Instrumentation, analog, um, acquisition, front ends and stuff like that. So yeah, exactly what you expect. Slightly better performance perhaps or something. but there you go.

That's the analog front end deck output. We've got our ADC of course, so this will be identical up there. Got our two trimmers. it is shielded.

They did add ability to Shield the arbitary waveform J and Dack down here, but they didn't do it and it's got a slightly more better Fpga. Most of the rest of it is just yeah. your power supply stuff and exactly what we saw on the analog Discovery 3 the bottom side. just some extra stuff down here.

Oh, there we go. There's our is that our Solid State uh relay there for the AC coupling by the looks of it. so the mechanical relay on top side must be doing the uh range selection. So that's about all she wrote and is that like just a little power supply or something next to it? Little local power supply? perhaps for the front end? uh, bloody black solder mask.

Anyway, we got the Cyprus there and Bob's your uncle. So there you go. No, the board's not warped. that's my Tano lens there doing that.

So yeah, cool bananas. Obviously, they're going to position that between the analog Discovery 3 and the other analog Discovery uh Pro 3000 and that'll be a lower cost solution. It's it looks like like almost identical Hardware little bit more fancy pancy. So I think the 30 here probably means 30 bandwidth.

If it is, that's the same as analog Discovery 3 isn't it? So yeah, more better Fpga. but yeah, I don't think you can charge a whole lot extra for it. It's in a nicer case and everything. It's slightly more usable, but you still don't It's not like you get banana plugs or screw Tmals or anything for you, you know, but there's lots of third part.

They make accessories. lots of third party accessories for uh, you know, plugging into the analog Discovery um uh, pin out here. but uh yeah, it's in a more better case, but you can't charge a huge amount extra for it I don't think. But anyway, thank you very much digilent for sending that one in.

It's completely unreleased and sorry I can't use it at all. but I'll link in my analog Discovery 3 video down below and I extensively use the software in that and can do lots of weird and wacky things. And it's absolutely fantastic. And that's really what you're paying for.

You're not necessarily paying, although the hardware is quite expensive. These Fpgas, these Adcs and dacks these really highs speeded 14bit jobbies. These are not cheap so can go and try and build your own. and try and buy these chips one off or even in, you know, medium volume or something, lowest volume.
and just try and build your own and you'll find out pretty quick that the hardware. you know, you can't spin this board out for 10 bucks, you know, just doesn't work like that right? These are really high performance. uh, Adcs and ducks and Fpga and everything. So rather pricey.

But uh, yeah, you're you're really the software is where the value is in this thing. The waveform software is just absolutely incredible. so check that out in my Analog Discovery three video. Anyway, if you like that, give it a big thumbs up.

And as always, discuss down below, catch you next time.

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