Highlights from a decades worth of diving the famous EEVblog dumpster!
A compilation video.
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Hi guys! I'm down in the garbage room in the basement of the Eev blog corporate Towers Here behind it, we have what looks like an old Samsung plasma TV Check it out, it works. Check this out. Genuine dictaphones. So what did I score from that little dumpster diving episode there I've found in the uh garbage room? the Dell XPS 420 operational is absolutely nothing wrong with it uh whatsoever.

And here's another collection of uh stuff. Just this morning I found these two Uh monitors. once again, another Samsung actually got another Samsung 6 SyncMaster 913v I've got a Lenovo uh IBM uh think Center there's another uh, Dell, they've thrown out quite a few of these. got a HP LaserJet 1010 brother HL 2142 and then an awesome score which I uh tweeted a photo of.

by the way, if you're not following me on Twitter you can get the latest photos of this stuff. you don't have to wait until I do a video. it's a Uh Toshiba E Studio 16s photocopier with that A3 and A4 paper sheet feeders on it and it is fully operational. and it even came with wheels on it.

So I just wheeled it straight out of the garbage room and straight up to the office here. and we've got one of these Epson multi-function machines. Anyway, we've got a 68 centimeter TV Once again, this stuff is almost always uh working but we have a calculator look at that. This one I did literally have to uh jump in the dumpster for it's got a 27 inch LCD monitor.

still got some plastic uh battery backup thing the plastic on? Check it out there. we go. Good as new. It's unbelievable what people throw out.

Well I just take some dumpster, diving office stuff, take them apart and see if there's any useful stuff in them. Yes, it's night time here. We're going on a stealth ride to the garbage room. Here we go folks.

let's go in before anyone sees us now. Normally we'd be lucky if we find like a monitor in here or something like that. Quick, look what we've got here. just in the actual dumpster? uh, itself.

Check it out. Looks like we have a UPS cleaners. please take rubbish. Thanks.

We've got a Samsung monitor. We have a few uh, brand new Ethernet cables on the floor here and over here. Check it out. We have a whole bunch of PCS and watch this behind or the garbage here.

Tada Look, there's another two stacks, two stacks of computers 21, 22, 23 PCS In total. it's another night time. It dumps the dive and check out what I got. Somebody has left this puppy P LaserJet 3700.

there's a lot of black left there. we go that popped out. Oh look at that. Look at the color in that that looks stunning.

Beauty Another awesome dumpster dive. And if you're curious to know what this rack thing was, the reason I nabbed it is because well, it's got USB 3 is7 870 I Scored these just the other day from The dumpster room if you're following on. Twitter I Posted a photo of these welcome to some dumpster diving at Tear Down slash Salvage time it's a cash register I Scored this one from the dumpster downstairs another nighttime dumpster dive. Let's go check out tonight's score.
We have a massive HP Hewlett-Packard Design Jet 500 wide format plotter complete with uh stand looks in. very good, very good nick and Uh contains all the color cartridges. We have also got a pretty decent sized roll of uh plotting paper on this thing as well. And away we go.

And of course, you've got to make sure it actually fits in the lift here. barely. Check it out! Awesome and more than awesome color! LaserJet 36 DN A few Hutches and things like that I don't need any of those, but I'll definitely take the print out the chairs in there. There's always chairs down here.

Oh that is a beautiful print. I Know it's not a high-end one like I scored last time, but geez, can't complain. It's another dumpster dive I Couldn't help myself. That's a nice score right there.

It's a core I7, it's a winner. Various PCS Slimline Form factor ones and there's more big ones. Big monster server things down in the dumpster and it's a fourth Gen Intel processor What on? Earth Is this Hi? Yet another random mystery dumpster tear down Glorious metallic red. looks like a PC in here I Think skin analysis machine.

Yeah, it looks like they tossed it out fully working. You know the company either shut down or upgraded their model or whatever. and here we are in the dumpster room again. More PCS Just dumped fairly really half decent machines, solid state drive, everything else but I Just found another one.

It's the fractal design. Okay, so and the processor in it is a Core I7 2600. but um, the checkout was turned up today. A good crappy uh printer.

which I want to take a few old monitors? Um, but we have a Dell monitor though. it's like a 24 inch. Pretty decent, but it looks like yeah, it is a touchscreen apparently. Um, it's an optical touch screen.

not that capacitive touch rubbish or resistive touch rubbish. Dell Of course it works. Oh, this one like you know, it's uh, bezel-less you little bloody. Ripper Check it out.

It works just fine and dandy. Yeah. I Had to get the bloody thing. Why? Why? And the damn thing works.

It's a full color. A3 Lead an Okie Mc852 printer hi check out my latest dumpster find. it's a Fuji Xerox Apos. It's a gigantic A3 photocopy.

There you go that is like a bought one. Yes, it's another dumpster dive. HP Proliant uh Xeon um server. So I've already uh, nabbed a smaller one.

so I'm going to grab that, whack it on my uh trolley and head back to the lab. The old uh ADSL modems and fast ethernet uh switches here don't really need those? Come on. hey, look at that. Xeon 2.4 gig doesn't say what type.

Look at this. it is a Samsung flat screen. TV Look at this. I've never found an LCD this big in the dumpster before.

Check out what I scored in the dumpster Three beautiful Apple Power Mac G5s you ass, It works. Ripper Hey dumpster diving time's sake. And we got this from the dumpster, didn't we? These are rack mount computers. Yeah, let's check them out.
Whoa. Oh yes, yes, we're in a zoo server There we go. processor information. There we go.

we've got two. Intel Xeon Ta-da it works Sagan told ya Intel Core i7 hi, it's dumpster diving time again. Look what? I scored an Apple X Serve still works. It needs an OS hi, it's dumpster Dive in time again.

Yes, it's in these. uh. commercial. Office Buildings For those who wonder where, I get this stuff from commercial Office Buildings You know, big multi-story commercial office complexes.

Almost always? Well, they must. um, because where do you put your trash? Otherwise, they have uh, garbage rooms which then get uh, emptied several times a week. They have huge dumpsters in there and they're always under uh, lock and key or pass card access so the general public can't access these things. Smells like some sort of uh hot chocolate and we're in like Flynn Look at that.

there's our Raspberry Pi hi We haven't had a dumpster dive computer in a while I Found this one down there this morning all the video cards and Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 yes it boots. Somebody threw out a fully working PC I would say somebody Chinese has used this core I7 950 hi it's dumpster PC time again the monitor we got a 23 inch LG Thank you very much. Yes, we're gonna win a chicken dinner. Of course it works I just gave away uh like I think 15 monitors like there were so many that I collected from the dubstep I gave them away.

They actually went to a like a kids like educational group or something like that. So yeah, really cool Core I5 2400. I think the 2400 is a bit how you're doing dumpster dive in time again. Um, it's the first time ever that I have scored a touchscreen.

um all in one PC I Can't believe somebody would throw this out. Hello I5 3470s CPUs hi I'm in the dumpster room and check this out. It's an LG what is it like 7 70 inch I don't know there is another one another LG TV over here. smaller but that's got a cracked screen I've ever I've already looked at that and check this out.

Don't bother giving away your uh Furniture office furniture. no just so you know. Smash at the bits no worries and the uh, garbage berries will take it away for you. Unbelievable.

Use gaming chair anyone? Anyway, to get this out is on a flat trolley. A piece of cake. Come on. it's a 65 inch.

It just fits in the left somehow though. I Don't think it's going to fit through the door of the lab. You're not, You're not works. It's freaking Works something down there that looks like maybe some sort of big uh, you know AV Receiver Well, this isn't too shabby at all.

It's a Yamaha RXV 579. It's a pretty recent model, it does, you know? Spotify Pandora it's got Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4K uh HDMI switch in but that's pretty Schmick for finding in the dumpster. Winner Winner chicken dinner. Check it out.
Firmware, update and update Success Woot hi! I'm down in the dumpster room rack mount ups and here it is: These things weigh a ton. It's the R 1500 G3 for those playing along at home. Oh look at that. Yeah, what a Bobby Dazzler made in Taiwan hi Check out what I scored from the dumpster Four Channel 500 Meg 2 gig sample per second digital storage oscilloscope with DPO technology Hey Techtronix TDS Runtime environment Java Powered.

Look at that there it is. Wow! Options: 1f HD 2m hi I'm in the dumpster room again. Someone's got a whole bunch of new monitors. Decide to look over here.

Look at this. It's the motherload of Hp's I've got a few of these I'm running one of these at home. They've upgraded so they've just jump dumped the holes. Half a dozen Business Machines I'm gonna take these back while I can I think I'll need to go get the trolley although there is a shopping trolley I might use that money dumps The score: Look at this.

we've got six. HP Small form factor PCS I Love these things. We've got three uh, HP Pro 4300s and three HP Pro 6300s. Of course they got into the end of the life and the companies just, uh, refresh the PCS so they just dump them all out and the odds of these work in probably 99.

Uh, probably a couple hundred bucks on eBay each. So this is like finding over a thousand bucks cash in the dumpster room. Yeah, that's more powerful that's getting there. Hi check out what I scored in the dumpster.

It's a credit card imprinter programmer embosser machine that Banks and other. it's designed to for programming your credit cards. so this is designed for like the The Operators to actually get in to the Mechanicals and have a little bit of a fiddle with it anyway. so it boots up and uh, it looks fine and as it turns out, I've got a copy of the demo software here I had to crack the password but uh, being the boss level hacker that I am, that was no problem.

So they come together and emboss your card so they will slam together and emboss your card so they've got basically the negative and the positive of that. Check out what I found in the dumpster? Yeah! I Heard the uh, high tension nothing? hey hello line Works a treat and start up That's working. A treat. There's our RGB inputs.

Okay, so we're just whacking a little resistor divider there from the IBM PC Junior. So let's switch it on. There it is. No, it's glorious.

Color thing of beauty is Joy forever. That's the composite and that's the RGB. Wow, that makes a heck of a difference. like limited by what people throw out anyway.

I Checked it this morning going out to lunch and here it is. Um, we've got a 55-inch LCD TV There is no, uh, remote control for it. Always when you're dumpster diving, always look out for the remote controls they might put in the dumpster. That is a winner winner chicken dinner and it is one of these newfangled uh Smart TVs And while the HDMI works.
but this is my latest dumpster find. um I Thought there were a couple of monitors down there as well as a PC I Haven't really looked at that, but it's a core I7 and I thought this was just a monitor. a sort of like saw it from the side on I thought oh isn't that slim look at that that's really sexy. Looks like an alloy case or I'm going to pick that up and I picked it up and sure enough, look at the back of it.

it's a Lenovo jobby and then I saw the sticker on the front Core I5 seventh Gen processor It's the Lenovo Idea Center It's one of these all-in-one PCS Why would somebody throw this out? There's got to be something wrong with it you would presume. Oh, it's still got the protective cover on the Lenovo Beautiful like I Bought one and on the back as well. look at this. oh that's pornographic.

Is there something wrong? Like it's touchscreen as well. Oh a winner Winner Chicken Dinner touchscreen Works Can't believe somebody would toss this out. it's not that old and I found one like a brand new like New Old Stock for uh, 780 bucks like they couldn't even be bothered selling my eBay Yes, you would have easily got many hundreds of dollars for this. It's not worth their time.

so they tossed it out and well, that's a score for me. Hi just another quick uh video update on dumpster PC dive in this uh HP Pavilion that I pulled out with that Lenovo uh Joby sweet as there it is Intel Core I7 4770 Oh winner winner chicken dinner Hi check out what I found in the dumpster. It's a Synology Ds415 plus 4B Nast drive and you got to follow me on Twitter because that's where I post all my uh dumpster photos and find some that a lot of them don't even make it uh to a video when I win a chicken dinner. There it is at this station I Found a Ds415 plus hi, it's dumpster diving time again I found this uh Toshiba it's fine this I originally uh, looked in the dumpster and here's a photo.

What? I saw one of those small form factor PCS but underneath that I am I found this. it's A Toshiba Satellite S40 a b It's not going to set the world on fire, but it looks clean and tidy enough. Wow, that's a Samsung 850 Pro 512 gig and to date and time we're in Toshiba set up utility. There it is and well, yep, um, no password and nobody's nuked this hard drive.

Not that a password stops, that's just hi. it's mystery dumpster tear down time. Oh, got an interesting bit of specialized industry test equipment here. Uh, you might think that this is a chart recorder and it kind of is, but it's a hybrid recorder.

hi. I'm down in the dumpster room and it's a computer stack. symmetrical computer stacking That's fantastic. Um I have seen higher than this? Yeah, obviously.
um, somebody's moving out. A couple of HP jobbies the protests I Like a couple of USB threes. they're always the marker four USB 3s. They look pretty good.

There you go, that one's got video card. Look at that. Sony I might upgrade. Um, is that one any good? There you go.

Symmetrical computer stacking all right I Scored half a dozen small form factor PCS 4 600 pass marks that's not too shabby like decent machines. You can use them for all sorts of stuff. Hi check out what dumpster Santa has delivered. Yes, in the famous dumpster room right in time for Christmas We have a me a Cooler Master Mini ITX case.

This is actually the Elite 130. Socket 1150. We're talking like the best processor we can put in this thing as like an I7 47 90 gigabyte. There it is.

Of course it works. Hi, it's dumpster diving time again. I scored this Epson GT 1500 scanner and other dumpster printers that I use I've got this uh HP LaserJet r5200 and this is my backup color laser printer I got from the dumpster a Fuji Xerox something or other. it's a docuprint C20 2120 Dumpster Diving time I put this on Twitter I Put it to the vote and I found this HP Proliant Ml350p Gen 8 server For those playing log at home, the majority said that I should take it and here it is.

It's so big and it's so heavy. Uh, pretend. Yep, pretend fire alarm. Oh God no I'm staying flippity.

Oh no. Look, look, we we have a drive. Yay! Of course it works Joshua it's Joshua Can't be that simple. Wow! Look what just turned up in the dumpster.

Seriously? at the very bottom of the dumpster. By the way. Um, here's a photo I was just going to uh snap and I was coming back from the gym. It works.

Somebody threw out this like 500 bucks. um modern model Sony I'm in the garbage room. There's a stainless steel fan here Bacon's in the garbage room with me and what have we look? We found a Sonos speaker. that's one of those Wi-Fi speakery things.

It was in the bottom of the dumpster I did have to actually uh, bend over and get in there to get it. There was another thing in the dumpster. this was new in bulk. um I I took it.

it's one of these, you know all-in-one LCD TV Things It was like actually brand new in the box I Finally got this turd to work hi check out what I found in the dumpster model Sr 8980 Yeah one of these uh robot cleanery things. hi I took a wheelie bin full of uh stuff down to the dumpster room and I came back with well, a more than full um wheelie bin full of what looks like uh, medical type equipment in like original boxes and stuff. slows it up I Got no idea. Look at this thing.

What is this? It's an Amma x a Maxa thing. I Don't know. It looks impressive. 400 milliamps six 60 watt Joby So there you go, that's not bad.

4D nucleofecta core unit looks like in a very impressive bit of Kit I Got their PC editor software and manual. This is like new. this is new inbox. even got the USB stick.
Okay, let's see what else. Oh yeah I Got a bag of smiley faces. Oh hello. I've got to get the head down here into the dumpster and endosafe PTs Portable test system and check it out.

Haven't found one of these before in the garbage room. an Apple iMac thingy. my Bob along with someone's put his other depth or something I don't know it's a 27 inch iMac A1312 the screen's not cracked. it boots.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Hi! Check this out. The dumpster room has hit Peak Insanity. Look at this.

You know it's gone crazy when you can't even get in the door. Symmetrical crate stacking. No human could possibly CR stack crates like that. This reminds me of uh Pickers you know the American Pickers show I Love that show with all the stuff in here I Could probably deck out an entire office I Think look at all the stuff.

Yeah, you're not supposed to dump office waste in this dumpster room. Another dumpster PC Intel Core I7 4770 Well that's better than the three Double Seven Zeros that were found multiple ones of in the past. That's not too shabby. It's time for another mystery dumpster tear down.

It's the Battery fighter. Look at this. Okay, this calls for the screwdriver. Hi I'm in the dumpster room and well seen some weird stuff in the dumpster in my time.

but uh, this one's a bit of a doozy. Check this out. There's a dumpster full. it's chopped off.

Mine is plugs and adapters. They've just chopped this thing off. All I can think of is that, uh, they haven't Um, there's some sort of compliance reason why they had to chop them over here. Check it out.

We've got clear Mains floats. They just chopped them I don't know where the actual cable went. Just a quick one to follow on from the dumpster full of those plug packs. We now have a dumpster full of double adapters.

Um, yeah. and not only that, we have a dumpster full of uh, like they're not extension cords. they're well, they are. but they're kind of like they split extension cords.

Ah, like it's all right. Um I don't know how those much cost and those cost at Bunnings but geez, I'm gonna score a few of those. Beauty I've got some like looks like really ancient based on the size of this. AC adapter here.

some um, ancient. sort of like Sony stand. sort of like surround sound speakery things as well as a mattress. Here A few mattress aficionados that's a subwoofery.

There you go, we've got a crusty old uh UPS this is a Lenovo and without a stand, but it actually looks pretty darn big. Yep, turns out this is a 27 inch monitor. It's a D2730 for those play along at home. but uh, today's find is a couple of Dell inspirons.

These are like little mini things. they're a core both Core I5 so that's not too shabby and a Dell laptop yeah, it's called I5 CPU are M480 2.7 We've got an Intel Core I5 4460s hi, it's dumpster room time again. I come back from a couple of days, walk about and uh, yep. symmetrical PC stacking.
No human could possibly stack PCS like this. Um, we've got a bunch of monitors. They look at least 22 inch jobbies. they're all Samsungs Core I7 3770 thank you very much I can remember when I I've still got my original video editor machine and I I thought that was the dark skirts when I had a three double seven zero.

So I'm something or other. here we go. Yeah, there's Samsung 22 C 450 so 322s 124. another score I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them and no office furniture, household items, or dumping of any other waste in this area anyway.

Um, yeah, it's relatively free of any like home stuff at the moment. There's a white board here I think it's like it's probably too big and the wrong wrong form factor and it's not height adjustable for the lab. So yeah, sadly. um, it's a good whiteboard though.

So but anyway I wanted to show you something interesting that I found because you don't I mean I often find the odd thing that's really quite interesting. but check this out. um I what is this thing? Some form of like, um, like fume chamber or something you know or one of those uh, things like it's got It's got a port on here obviously to put in some sort of gas, get your arms into actually manipulate something, but it seems too big for that and it also seems too big for like fume vent stuff as well. So I'm not sure what the not sure what the deal is and this I don't know I'm tempted to take it, but geez, what am I going to do with it I I don't know.

Anyway, that's a rather unusual find in the dumpster. Interesting, huh? Catch you next time. Well, the people tossing stuff out just literally toss them out. Now they couldn't even be courteous enough to leave the electronic waste like outside of the dumpster bins on the floor so that maybe people can take them.

Of course, they work. I've got three identical Acer x223 HQ 22 inch monitors. This ain't too shabby. this is a Blu-ray disc recorder Panasonic Jobby: Not too bad I do not have a Blu-ray recording also in the actual dumpster itself I Found this Paradigm sound attack subwoofer and it's got a decent throw on that.

Um, so yeah, that's upside down so all the electrons are going to fall out. And today's find. first time I've ever seen one of these. Check it out.

Um, it looks like an air compressor. GMC uh Joby hi I'm in the dumpster room and uh, well, everything's breeding. Um, the cardboard boxes are breeding, the chairs are breeding and somebody has put I looks like an Okie um laser printer. so I love it I do love it when they actually include the looks like spare cartridges.

I would assume that they're not used I assume that they're new, they're they're genuine. They got the sticker items and my previous score is also Anoki that's an Mc-852 so it's a bigger beast. but it actually does A3 color. Um so I wonder if they use the same cartridges? Yeah, yep.
look at that. Yeah. Genuine. Fresh.

inbox. Look at that. Okay, it all looks nice and clean in there I bet you it works. I'm 95 confident this will work.

That looks really good. Yeah, it's a lead. Yeah, it's a lead thing. a lead.

uh color printer I Think we have a winner winner chicken dinner there.

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