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After blowing the seals in the first iteration of the turbo rotary ATV, we replaced the smaller VZ21 turbocharger with a larger GT15 turbo. We then sent it off to G-Pop Shop to be professionally balanced and machined for carbon seals to prevent oil from being sucked past the journal bearings. This will help us avoid drawing oil into our rotary engine and will make the setup much more reliable! Thanks for watching!
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We have good news and y'all. Probably be happy to hear this. We have have a new turbo and this will be a much more legitimate and reliable setup. Our last one so this is a gt 15 turbo.

And it has been balanced machined and oil sealed and we'll also be running a wastegate basically. We'll just go over what was done to this. And why if you are running a draw through setup on your carb you are going to need a carbon seal. So the issue we're having with the vz21 is specific to carbureted draw through turbo setups.

So what was happening was when we're off throttle or idling there's not enough exhaust gases to spin the compressor wheel and build boost so instead we're actually drawing a vacuum that on journal bearing turbos can draw oil through the bearings and into your intake. And then that's going to be running through your engine and burning and that's where having so much white smoke and we didn't really know what was happening so we turned down the oil pressure. Because we thought we had too much and then you know we just blew. The bearings from there so what this gt15 is going to do for us is it has a carbon seal and that creates a seal against vacuum.

So the oil cannot come out and go enter. The engine. After we learned all that we ordered this gt15 turbo off amazon but we realized that you cannot easily install carbon seals on these they need to be machined and rebalanced so then we ended up ordering a t3 turbo off amazon and those you can buy carbon seals and install them yourselves the. Company we bought our carbon seals from is called gpopshopcom.

And luckily we received an email from them. They said. They saw the video and we're just wondering what we're up to so. I told them about the vz21.

The gt15 and the t3 and they recommended we use the gt15. It's just the right size for our rotary g. Pop shop specializes in upgrading rebuilding and carbon. Sealing turbos.

So we sent this out to them. They machine down our housings rebalance. The compressor wheel and oil pressure tested this to 77 psi. So now we know that nothing's gonna kill this turbo as long as we give it enough oil so that's enough talking let's get to installing this on the atv so looking at a turbo.

We should have no issues with packaging that's gonna be awesome. We will have to remake our exhaust inlet and our charge pipe and that's because we can no longer clock our compressor housing with relation to the turbine housing because we actually want to use our wastegate this time we will have to clock the center housing. So that our oil inlet and our oil outlet are vertical. So we don't have any issues with oil draining so looking at where the exhaust is going to be we are going to clock.

The turbo. A little bit basically we'll just keep a safe angle for this wastegate. But i mean that angle is not too bad and this will give us a lot better of an angle for our charge pipe going into the engine. Here's our turbo.

Mount we bolted it up just under the oil drain. We did this so that we don't have the exhaust holding up all the way to the turbo especially when we're driving it hard and now we're just going to clock this so we want our exhaust inlet to be 90 degrees from the oil drain so we'll just put this right there and that should be good got the first part of our exhaust inlet done we're just gonna do an s bend. And it'll meet up right to this pipe right here to do the cuts on our exhaust system. We're gonna use this evolution.

Power tools industrial chop saw it's great for steel. And it's also a great alternative to using a grinder with an abrasive disc one of these blades is equal to about 20 abrasive discs you can save a lot of money. There. It also doesn't produce nearly as many sparks heat or fumes.

As a grinder and abrasive discs. Do we took our time squaring up the blade. Here so all of our cuts are coming out super straight. Which is perfect for our exhaust system makes it very convenient and easy.

If you want to check out evolution power tools we'll have a link in the description. So you can check out the saw and their other range of tools and we also have a little discount code for you guys it's bbr5 it'll be right here on the screen. So make sure to use that if you want to get one of these for yourself so off camera. We wrapped our exhaust and painted it it looks a lot better and the nice thing about exhaust wrap is you can't tell that we made the exhaust set of pvc pipes.

I'm just kidding. Where am. I boy that is looking good all that's really left now is the intake pipe slap the carb on and drain the oil replace it we're good to go and last. But not least the charge pipe.

This is kind of the last piece of our puzzle here the charge pipe. We have the silicone boot connect those two together that will get some hose clamps. But it looks really nice. I think the packaging on this turbo is better than the vz21 for sure i would say everything on this turbo.

Yeah. It looks like everything is better. We also did put in an oil filter. So that should help keep some of that gunk out of the oil and the last piece of the puzzle.

The carburetor we are leaving this mega fuel line. I guess. But if it's a problem. We'll shorten that that might be a problem well it's a nice brisk 102.

We haven't slept in 12 hours. I need this to say if something goes wrong we'll have to fix it in another episode. But fingers crossed things go well all right we've not primed this or anything so. Give it a couple cranks.

It kind of started up nicely before so let's see um uh all right guys so unfortunately. That's gonna be it for our driving. Today. The positives were it definitely made more power.

We didn't get any like numbers or top speeds or anything. But from what i felt i was maybe at three quarters throttle. And it felt very similar to florida over there. And it seemed to run run out of room in this little stretch of road even faster than it did before so that's awesome it started right up like when we started it in front of the camera.

That is how long it took to start immediately so it's running really nicely definitely making more power. The bigger turbo is a help the one issue. We're having is that as you all could see there is some oil getting past and into the engine and we don't want to keep running our engine like that that's going to go up the engine cause carbon buildup. So what we think the issue is is that we're running too much oil pressure.

We kind of threw this together really quickly. We were short on time. So we do not have an oil pressure. Sensor apparently this pump can make up to 118 psi.

And the turbo. Should not have more than 60 psi. So that's a big range. We have no clue what our oil relief fuel petcock thing is doing so we really need to know what we're getting so that we can accurately get the oil that we need other than that you know it performed really great the turbo is awesome.

I mean it makes more power you can tell right off the bat just like that so big thanks to g pop shop. We're definitely going to get this oil dialed in so we can show you the actual benefits of having a carbon seal right now we're probably just blowing past those seals. If you throw enough oil at anything. It's going to bleed through then you go power sports.

All of the drive train parts on this build are from good power sports. And this thing has had no drive train issues yet. So that's pretty awesome and thank you all for watching yes.


25 thoughts on “Putting a bigger turbo on our rotary atv! rotary atv ep.8”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sgt. Tacticool says:

    Turbos draw vacuum at idle and decel…. And as everyone else has pointed out, oil drain needs to be gravity fed the entire way.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nashguy207 says:

    Awesome Job Guys. God Bless!!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lenny M says:

    Yea boy…

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BryDuhBikeGuy says:

    A turbo charger on a rotary engine,mounted in a quadrunner.What could possibly go wrong??LOL.That's okay.We know you'll break,and repeat.We'll be looking forward to each episode. 🙂

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kshepthedrummer says:

    as others have said, put an oil restrictor on the turbo feed line, and shorten the oil drain line so the oil can freely fall back to the tank. that little curve back up is causing resistance and can build pressure in the turbo.

    and check the oil pressure like you said, 100+psi is waaaay too much.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron says:

    I think you guy's dont know how turbo's propperly work, do not mis understand me but ballbearing turbo's need an 1mm oil restrictor and journal bearing 1.5mm,
    And your oil return line is way to smal and needs to drop the oil normally or you can use an scarvener pump good luck!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul thomas says:

    Why is the waste gate blocked off?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse Fex says:

    👌 best 10 min of my evening.

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  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marc Couture says:

    Guys, add a simple metering device on the oil supply line for the turbo. Look up the Corky Bell diy turbocharger manual, IIRC the supply line should have an 0.050" restrictor in it. Also, as others mentioned, make sure the oil drain is straight down and unobstructed. Will be fine after that. Good luck

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BoostAddict says:

    Make sure your oil drain is big enough and as close to straight down as possible. I have an extremely similar turbo on my car (factory GT15 for now), a -8 AN line will probably be big enough but -10 wouldn't hurt either.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gruby Garage Projekt says:

    Need Plenum!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elwin Priem says:

    Great video. Check your oil drain on turbo as well. If the oil pump is off, all the oil should drain out of the drain pipe. The turbo oil drain works by letting gravity drain the oil, and the oil cannot drain uphill. Oil drain tube must be downhill all the way till the reservoir.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danny Hempster says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite builds on yt.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bradley J. Fortner says:

    Nice job Fellas. I don't know how many turbocharged rotary powered 4-wheelers are out there. But, I'm really diggin' yours.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wack To Wicked says:

    Oil pressure to high is one cause.. The other one i noticed is that the oil return from the turbo is not gravity fed back to the tank. That will also cause problems. Now you have a loop that goes down and then up to the tank.. That is not optimal.. If you dont have a breather for the oil tank, try that aswell.. Liking the build nonetheless.

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  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Caleb Roberts_93 says:

    PS with your rotary-powered four-wheeler you guys should take a old dirt bike transmission and take off the piston and cylinder and have that rotary connected to the dirt bike transmission so you guys can shift gears

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nathan Link says:

    Hell yeah this build is awesome!

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Caleb Roberts_93 says:

    Would you guys be interested in building a go-kart idea I have I've tried talking to grind hard plumbing and cars and cameras but no response would you guys be interested

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fang Of Truth says:

    Wow. I knew on deceleration oil can get sucked in through turbo on bigger engines. But I didn’t think idle vacuum would do it also even on a smaller engine. I guess higher quality turbos aren’t as bad as cheapie ones.

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    That thing needs a supercharger and spray

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