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WiGL have raised another $2.8M on StartEngine for their mobile phone charging wireless power grift, in addition to the $5M they raised a year ago.
And yep, it's STILL using off the shelf technology, but this time with a new partner PowerCast!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Busted article by Caleb Naysmith:
The 5 biggest StartEngine successes by Caleb Naysmith:
Powercast confirm the energy receive levels for the 3W EIRP transmitter used:
00:00 - WiGL raised another $2.8M!
01:56 - Another debunking article
02:32 - They still claim it can charge anything, including EV's!
04:04 - Their supposed competition Energous
04:58 - They claim to have a $146M valuation! Err, what's Energous worth?
06:37 - Now it's salt water battery powered EV's!
07:20 - They have teamed up with the US Space Force!
08:17 - Let's watch the new campaign video!
13:23 - Do NOT invest in any company on Startengine or any other equity crowd funding site
13:58 - Let's watch the latest demo video for the US air force!
15:54 - They are just using off the shelf PowerCast wireless power modules!
18:00 - Sorry, you've lost your money. But hey, you kept them employed for years.
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Hi, it's 2023 and the New Year wouldn't be complete without yet another wireless charging grift duping people out of their money on Start Engine which is a Equity Crowdfunding Campaign website. And yes, you've seen this before. It's Wiggle time. Again, we've looked at Wiggle before and I'll link in this: these videos if you haven't seen at this main Channel video, they raised five million bucks and I did a busting video on that where they claimed that they could charge your mobile phone and nope, they can't and then I did an even better.

Actually, if you want to look at more technical details, a link in this this second Channel video which goes through a lot of more technical, uh, detail. it actually goes through their research paper published in Nature and uh yeah, all sorts of technical stuff that even in their own research paper proves that the have got nothing they can't charge I my phone wirelessly. It's all complete Bs. Anyway, Um yeah, they were like the biggest crowdfunding campaign.

They did actually raise five million dollars previously and I believe that was some sort of record or something they said on the start engine uh website. but they've got the the Griff is continuing. They've raised another 2.8 from suckers who simply just have no clue they're just throwing money at it. Why let's type Wiggle into Google We get the Weevil home page but right here: Wireless Power Busted Wiggle Wireless Charging Busted.

Uh, Black Inventor develops Wiggle. That's a new video which we haven't seen and I like come on, there's a couple of wank articles here and but there's a another debunking article. like the second link here in this debunking articles from Kayla Bart Naismith here and he links in not my video as well. So I'll link that one in.

uh, down below. So what people who are investing Serious Coin in this thing aren't even doing a simple Google search and like I dominate like the busted videos and articles just dominate. Come on. Seriously, another 2.8 million dollars flush down the toilet.

But hey, hats off to them, right? They're going to keep doing this grip for years. Just like solar. Railways have been doing the solar roadways grift for 15 years I think it is now and I think they're still going anyway. I'll keep this video short I'll give you the Tldr they claim that they're you know, estimated the wireless charging solution is going to be 40 billion dollars.

They've got this Wiggle uh, patented Wiggle technology. which is, you know, a wireless networking technology and stuff like that because as you can see as you'll see, there are technology is actually just commercial off-the-shelf stuff. Seriously, they raised five million bucks now another 2.8 and it's just they're just using all off-the-shelf technology. All they've got of any value, even if it is of any value at all.

Is there networking? Uh patterns? So they're charging networking patterns I think I Went through the research paper in the previous Uh video and yet they just claim that they can do absolutely everything. Fridges, microwaves, ovens, phones. 31 billion devices. Look at this light fixtures, it's perfect for First Responders Autonomous vehicles? Yes! EVS high-powered untethered devices.

It's like it can do everything with wireless power. They can power absolutely everything and 49 billion dollar market potential blah blah blah. and oh yeah, Look this space age helmet they're developing for the military. And they've got a few military Grift contracts as well.

which means absolutely nothing. And here's their original prototypes. they've been going for a while 2017 and yeah, I went through the Nature Scientific Report. Anyway, they claim that they can power absolutely everything, as does every one of these Wireless Power and Griffs Whether it's you beam, whether it's energis, whether it's you know I don't know energy a whole bunch I've covered.

And this is hilarious. When they first ran their campaign, uh, they touted images as one of their competitors. Now, when they originally ran the campaign, they were just using off-the-shelf commercial. RF Diagnostics Modules Uh, Power Receiver modules I've actually played with these in the mailbag and you can receive like micro watts of power.

You can tiny flash a little lid, right? They were just using this off-the-shelf technology. What did they do in their second round? I've explored this in the other videos, but they actually partnered with Energist and look, if you go over to Energist, then one of their Partners there was a press release or something. There it is. Wiggle is one.

They move from using uh, off-the-shelf RF Diagnostics modules to using off-the-shelf images modules. and now they've moved again. I'll show you in a minute. It's just hilarious.

And what you're doing is buying Equity stock in the company which is worthless. So they claim that their valuation here is 146 million dollars, right? And you have to invest 500 bucks minimum? they've had 1800 people, right? What is that? I Think that's an average of fifteen hundred dollars each that people have been duped out of, right? But 146 million dollar valuation? Let me show you why. This is an absolute joke, right? Energis is listed on the stock market, right? and it just is Huge. They've been going forever.

They list on the stock market. this is their share price over the last five minutes years, right? They have like real Wireless Power Tech but nobody's taking it up because it doesn't really work that good. But at least they have real Tech right? Which is why Wiggle partnered with them. So there were uh, 22 a share.

Uh, five years ago and well, yeah, they're now in the toilet at 60 cents a share and I think it's it's just going to go lower. Take that Capital loss now. But even like practically the world's biggest publicly listed Wireless Power Company only has a market capitalization of 47 million dollars. That's their entire market capitalization and Wiggle claim that they've got 150 million dollar valuation for like when they have no Tech whatsoever.

They're just using off-the-shelf stuff like oh my God People don't even do an ounce of due diligence on these companies before. they've been just been suckered. Their money's just going to go down. the whole they're just going to burn it away and the grift is just going to go on year after year after year.

That's how it works Because if you go to the updates over here, they're like giving it almost daily updates, right? It's just nuts, right? And they're into this new saltwater battery thing which they're uh, don't worry about the wireless power, don't look over there. Oh, we got this new salt water battery I think I've shown uh I've hinted at that in the other ones and in the other videos and Wiggle is going viral and this is like ah, this is just February's updates, right? And they just update. Update update Like no real Tech is being developed. like they're not actually charging phones with their Wireless power because you guessed it, it's all trickle charging into a storage battery and then a storage battery charges the phone.

That's how it works. Oh look, they're teamed up with the US Space Force and we might see that in a minute. 1600 AE Investors Congratulations Wiggle and we're hot in Texas blah blah blah. Oh, we've been to the Air Force Base because well, we've got this Air Force contract.

Yeah, so did a hundred other companies that they just piss their taxpayer dollars on. Seriously, if you're a US taxpayer, this is where some taxes is going. Good luck Wiggle! His party favorite. Oh, we're still in.

January Oh Pentagon Wiggled for the Pentagon Wiggling for dollars? Come on. Wiggle your stuff. Wiggly Winter Wiggle Your concerts. Wiggle this wiggle that Oh my.

God This is just hilarious. They just bamboozle you with updates. it's unbelievable and they're like they respond like to everything right and yet they don't have any real tech. Let's have a look.

They've got a new campaign video. we have to watch it. Let's go. 2.8 billion bucks.

This is what people got sucked in by the dead battery your battery. I Literally do not understand never having to deal with dead batteries. Again, a world where device is charged on the Move Wherever you are, Wiggle is making that happen. Wiggle has been known as leaders in the wireless power.

It's gonna be real Wireless Power networks that work like Wi-Fi but deliver electrical power. Wi-Fi For energy. Where have we heard that before you beam? Anyone is the same frequencies as radio and Wi-Fi So it's just as safe, just as safe, and just as ineffective. Oh, in a tent.

Look at this. You can charge your phone in a tent, You see Wiggle? Uh yeah. Where's the energy coming from? Probably from a solar panel which you would just plug directly into your storage battery. You wouldn't waste 99 of your energy trying to transfer the power wirelessly to your tint.

Unbelievable. Allowing you to recharge phones, laptops, and eventually phones. Laptops. laptops.

Really, how much energy do laptops take? The 5 watt charging power of a mobile phone's already orders many orders of magnitude more than what this thing can deliver. Other battery powered devices like EVS EVS Yes, they're serious without ever plugging in and it has the solar networking patterns to do it. That's the only thing they've got is these silly patterns. You can go look them up for yourself and like it.

Just they're just nothing burgers. In the past year, Wiggle wirelessly recharge Apple and Samsung some devices during University Administration you didn't it came from Battery I've already debunked this. It's like it trickle charges into a storage battery. I Mean I've already debunked this.

They've got these passive array receivers here and then the just those off-the-shelf RF Diagnostics Uh, receiver chips to go into a big Bank of storage. Uh, super caps here. and then they use that store trickle charge stored energy to then charge the mobile. You can't transfer enough power.

You cannot beat the laws of physics. Captain To transfer with a simple three watt transmitter as we'll see is what they're using now. Did you like? Even if it was 100 efficient, you're still only transferring three. Watts But it's not.

It's like 99 inefficient. so you receive in the order of Milly Watts You can't charge your phone with that. It doesn't work and receives accolades. And the press and accolades in the Press they paid for that interview.

Okay, doesn't make life more convenient. It also makes it more sure when batteries fail military units and emergency results can't keep us safe. So important. the US Department of Defense Recently awarded Wiggle with a multi-year callback Tomorrow July year contract of Wireless PayPower They gave them a small Grant to produce as they did a whole bunch of other companies to compete for some little niche wireless charging thing.

and it's like, you know, it's like come on, if the grift is real, Solar roadways did exactly the same thing with the dot the Department of Transport Oh, we're super huge because we got this uh contract from the Department of Transport to do this. You know, pilot installation or whatever. Yeah, and just nothing happened from it. That's what they had.

That's what they do. They've got billions and billions of dollars and they give you, you know, tens of thousands of dollars or whatever to do your little uh, study along with a hundred and a thousand other companies uh to do similar things for some little niche requirement. It's like come on no yes. And with Founders and advisors Air Force Draper Labs and MIT they were the first incredible CF company to raise five million dollars.

First company raised five million bucks. Power forward and stake your claim and what's next? Touchless Wireless Mobile Power Let's Wiggle Let's Wiggle So that was enough to dupe 1800 investors into handing over at least fifteen hundred dollars each for this new round even though the previous round that they did nothing. What have they done with their five million dollars I've shown in a previous video? They just got a couple of University students to do some paper or something which then got published in Nature. Not the real nature, just nature letters or whatever it is I can't remember but there was nothing in their own study says that oh yeah, we're transferring like milliwatts of power.

Oh but they laid us. Update: Don't worry about the you know mobile charging anymore. Oh no, electric vehicles are becoming the future and we're gonna. We've got a a saltwater battery thing that they're going to look.

They got like salt water batteries that they're going to charge EVS on the go. We're going to request ongoing funding for the Department of Defense for EV Power on demand and they'll probably get it. You can keep this grift going for years and years, even like a decade or more. Just siphon enough money from uh, you know, a government, uh departments.

This is what these companies don't and they've raised all this money. People will never see a dime back from this. In fact, I have to do another video on this telling people to stay away from Equity crowdfunding campaigns like this because almost all of them, uh, make no money whatsoever. They almost all fail.

They do not produce a return. for the investors and even the ones that do produce a return. It's like you might get 500 I think is the current best one anyway. separate video acquired.

Anyway, here's a video they did. uh, four months ago. There's no audio and it's just wanky background music. so I'll turn it off and uh, they're technology.

Readiness level demo for the Department of Defense So this is the one they're talking about. They went on the Air Force Base or whatever and you'll see there's Air Force are people or space force I think uh, there's two people uh from the Armed Forces there watching their demo, let's have a look at their demo. It's a Trl6 demo. August 8th 2022 See, here's the Department of Defense guys.

There's one of the founders there. and here's their Wiggly demo. They'll show. Oh, look at it.

he's a robot that's the CEO and founder of of Wiggle right there doing the robot move. Um, wildly successful. What? Wow. The whole room erupts because they can transfer Wireless power.

Look, they've got transmitters and whoa and look. they actually showed off their salt water generator too. And they've got their wiggle receivers here. and they're powering an iPhone and an Android here.

Well, what have they actually got here as the transmitters? Well yep, you guessed it. it's off the shelf. They've gone from RF Diagnostics to uh, partnering with energists. What they're using now is these: Power Cast is another commercial company that you can buy their Eval balls I think you buy them on digikey and Mouser and stuff right so you can play around with it yourself.

And uh, these are the transmitters they've got. So they've got four of these transmitters over here. These are about three watt transmitters. They operate on 9 15 megahertz to 950 megahertz and they're sorry they've got three of those over there like that.

and they'll just have matching uh Power cast receivers over here and we can't get a good look at this giant like this big box here. Maybe they've like customized some box, but it's going to have batteries in it. It's going to have super caps in it because again, they can only transmit Milly watts. How do we know this? Because Power Cast themselves tell us yeah.

Look, you can buy them through mouse or an arrow and stuff in by the Eval kit. See, these are real things. Why was us? Power is a real thing, but it's in the order of Milly Watts for a three watt transmitter, right? They tell you right here how much power is received. The received power is determined by several factors including distance and receiving antenna performance.

Available energy after conversion is in the low milliwatt range. The low milliwatt and micro watt range should be expected. So yeah, I've used these myself and you know if you rely on like uh like just Wi-Fi signals and stuff, you just get micro watts of received power. But if you've got the dedicated three what three Watts transmitter, you'll get low milliwatts as in like five milliwatts.

10 If you're lucky, like tens of milliwatts. Calculate the loss and here it is. how much power does your transmitter use? The three watt version: The transmitter draws about 1.5 watts of energy from the wall outlet. Which is less energy than typical night light.

Um, so they claim the three watts is actually an eirp uh transmit level. So it's actually a looks like it's half of what uh, continuous output power. So as you saw, they've got three of those power cast transmitters and they just have power cast receivers maybe in some custom box with some storage on there. And of course if you trickle charge capacitors or a battery Bank Of course you can charge a mobile phone Here they are in the boardroom given their presentation.

Now this is interesting. They they've got that looks like the off the shelf uh Power cast uh passive uh receiver just like patch antenna receiver I don't know what that is thing there like I I Got no idea but yeah look here's the Department of Defense guys looking? yeah we can transmit uh Power and look at this gigantic big box here I Like no, come on but really to get 7.8 million bucks in funding with this and think your company's worth 150 million dollar valuation when energists are only worth uh, 46 million dollars and fall in? no sorry to everyone who's invested in this. you have lost your money and like there's nothing new here at all except that they've changed off-the-shelf providers three times now. use three different off-the-shelf Technologies and all they've got is some Mesh networking Wireless thing.

It's just like some pattern for that and that's it. and 150 billion? No, it's just a joke. Anyway, give this video a big Wiggly thumbs up if you like these. Um, just me highlighting.

just like it. I Don't even have to go through and debunk this. It's like they're literally using. They tell you this is not a secret, they're not trying to hide it.

They tell you they're using Power Cast uh, transmitters? Here they've got nothing. They only receive Milly watts of power confirmed by Power Cast who make the stuff that they're actually using I Don't know where the little laugh or cry at the people who invest in this I Just feel so sad that they get just get dupes even though the first Google result points to debunking. No, they still pull their money in. Just don't touch these things.

It's a grift. You're just paying for them to do wiggle work for the next decade. So once again, right, these things have application. They have Niche application.

But all these companies looked at at least five, maybe even six different Wireless power companies here on the EV blog and they all claim all the same ridiculous rubbish like we are going to. You know, we're going to own every market. and it's a 40 billion dollar market. You can power your mobile phone and your television, and your laptop and all sorts of rubbish like this.

and it's just no. it's just utter garbage. All of it anyway. I Hope you enjoyed that.

Wiggly Update: Catch you next time! Oh.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray Mitchell says:

    Seems like they keep trying to wiggle out of laws of physics… Just like taking the square root of -1, the profit on this is imaginary… LOL Good Job calling them out on it.

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    Why did I remember the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"?

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    One thing you have to keep in mind is that ~80% of the world population is stupid. They will buy anything wrapped in Bullshit (with the capital B). The Corona nonsens have shown us that most people believe anything they are told.

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    Its absolutely crazy they are not inventing anything here, and people are paying them to put together whats already for sale.

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    Glad these techs are not feasible.

    People talk about tesla, but he understood techs can be dangerous, not just for humans, but for non human life.

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    Would they be able to power my stove? I guess not. My stove runs on gas. To refill the gs bottles, all I do is sit on the gas bottles and fart. Free gas. How many of you believe me? You shouldn't, because I am talking absolute rubbish.

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    Things that work get invented once, things that don't, get invented over and over and over again.

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    Yeah, we REALLY need to start reducing our federal government in the US…

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    They didn’t confer with Tesla

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    Dave, after years I've finally cracked it: solar roadway wirelessly charging your phone inside your car as you drive along. Just for the fun, would be the efficiency of that? :))

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    Why you don't use an aiming laser beam to power devices. A problem is to develop a good crowbar circuit but it might be working.
    These mW devices are good for inventory application where RFid is to far away for passive power. And it's always good to use of the shelf components as the development isn't bound to one company. Everybody know of chip shortage and the need to redesign the entire thing (and get certification for the new design). If you use a obscure power regulator it's bound to get discontinued (7805 / LM317 is good as you always find a in the place replacement). Try to find a 60V to 5V power regulator (some variants have the needed 80V max but some only 48V … and now you look at the date code of the chips to find a good IC which doesn't fry); or the matched pair IGBT's.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pete Brown says:

    That video is hitting hard on trying to appeal to Gen Z. I wonder what their typical investor profile looks like, but I can see how someone without a lot of non-consumer technical experience, who has grown up with WiFi, bluetooth, NFC, and Qi-style wireless charging, could be duped into investing in this.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ralph J says:

    Wouldn't it be better to wait until the various companies working on solar panels in space (which will beam power to the earth using 'non-harmful' microwave) get their act together? Charge everything and feel all fuzzy inside at the same time, what's not to love?

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    Cant wait for the lazier powered phone , or microwave powered.🙃

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Saša Šimunović says:

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    This clearly shows that with a well-made marketing campaign, you can make even semi-intelligent people believe in any kind of scientific-sounding BS. This company likely spends most of that "invested" money on marketing, to make sure people keep believing their BS statements and keep bringing them even more money.
    Eventually, this company will burn out. The main question is how many more millions will be sent down the drain before the company eventually dies.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Hembrow says:

    You say all that, but of course it's perfectly possible to power a whole appliance wirelessly: The crystal radio that I made as a kid worked just fine back in the 70s…

    Unfortunately I've yet to see a convincing demonstration of anything which actually functioned better.

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    I spoke to an Energeous rep at Electronica last year where they had a small booth.
    The only plausible application they were showing was powering e-ink shop price tags, claiming that conventional ones tended to run out of battery.
    At least they weren't claiming to be able to charge phones any more.

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