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A wheelie bin full of Biolab devices found in the dumpster!
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4D Nucleofector
00:00 - A wheelie bin full of medical bio lab devices!
00:48 - Lucetta Luminometer
02:13 - Nucleofector device
03:33 - A webcam thingy
03:54 - Lonza Flashgel 300V Power Supply
04:26 - Lonza 4D Nucleofector Core Unit
05:19 - Is this a Nanoraptor creation?
06:43 - A literal bag of LOL's
07:02 - Lux2 CytoSmart device
09:24 - Endosafe PTS
10:07 - More stuff!
10:17 - MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit
11:12 - Peristaltic pump
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Hi I took a wheelie bin full of uh, stuff down to the dumpster room and I came back with well, a more than full um, wheelie bin full of what looks like uh, medical type equipment in like original boxes and stuff. so well, let's go through them shall we? Let's have a squeeze at what we've got. It's from a company called Lonza and a quick check shows that uh, this is a Swiss company that make all sorts of medical things. hence why I've got the gloves on just in case because I don't know there might still be some human waste in in this bin or something, but I'll put up a sort of like list of stuff that they kind of do and I I don't know I'm going to pronounce all these things wrong I'm sure.

but uh, what we've got here is a uh Lucetta Lumina meter. uh, luminometer. Um, let's have a look so it's not completely new in box, but like it's got all the stuff. it's got the quick start guide for micro alert.

Micro Plasma Detection Assay Sa is uh, just the technical term for like, uh, measuring the purity of something. So if you say like gold or something like that, you're measuring like the purity of it. So I assume it means a similar sort of thing. I've got a USB kit like we've got it.

looks like it was. yeah, one of those weird ass shanky things. So uh, we've got the adapter and here it is. Look at that Lonza a Lucette Lumino meter.

Um okay, it's still got the thing on it that whoa, there you go. whoa hey look at that. That's where you obviously stick your sample in there. Don't know what that is sort of like some weird reflective is that you you put something in there like and then you could close it up I Got no idea.

Um, it's just a USB in her face. So there you go. that's interesting. There you go.

you get the uh like. you put the tubes in there. they look completely unused. So yeah, you put your tissue sample or something I don't know.

a blood sample? Yeah, more more chewy bits next. Next, what do we got? Look at this thing. What is this? It's an Amma x uh, what's an Amaxa a Maxa thing? I don't know. It looks impressive.

it doesn't. No, that's just I thought that spun around but no, that's just to. That's where you put your I don't know. you put your vial or something in there and you spin it around and then it does the detectory bits on the inside.

um yeah, not. oh okay. There you go. uh.

external electrode sockets use only with a Maxa certified equipment. Okay, but that is Mains powered looks like might have serial out so that's interesting. and I found a whole unopened box of uh, these little like little vial that oh you put like samples in there and I guess it like you can sample an entire array or something like that. So corn in one.

So they're um, you know, wet cell culture plate. So you put like do you put the same sample or do you put all different samples in there? how would you label them but no idea. Um, let's have a look. I've got like plug.

I think there's like plug packs and things. Yeah, like you know. Score! Plug packs. Great stuff.

Keep those. um yeah, more more plug packs. Fantastic. Um yeah.

what is this thing? um I don't know. Look, it's got a camera. Oh that's a webcam. That's a Logitech webcam.

There you go. Oh and yeah, you probably can't see that, but I've just scored myself a Logitech webcam so we'll take that apart. Um, obviously that's of no use on its own, but it's all like got some sort of filter on top. What else have we got there? you go that looks like a high voltage power supply.

I've done those uh before and there you go. Uh. Lonza flash gel power supply. uh, 300 volts DC 400 milliamps 60 watt.

Joby So there you go. That's not bad. Um, it's not going to be like a spectacularly regulated output because they just use them for uh, what was the other one? I was in electrofluoresis? um, power supply or something I had. Anyway, let's go into the magic bin.

look at this. This is heavy. That is a 4D Nucleo Effector core unit. Uh, sounds impressive.

Okay, this is great stuff. um obviously use but not look I've even got. Oh look at that. Wow! Choose Your Vessel choose your Fighter um wow okay uh, it's I I don't know what it does it I It looks like a very impressive bit of kid.

um jeez like I was Oh look it's got the software as well. I got their PC editor software and manual. Are you kidding me? This is like new. This is new inbox.

even got the USB stick. Wow! Got the wow look at that. look at that that looks like that looks like something. Nano Raptor Um came up with who is an excellent follow on Twitter By the way, I'll have to link her in down below.

but Nano Raptor um absolutely fantastic look at that. It's got some huge in a D shell. It's got some huge power pins. um a couple of fiber opt and they fight.

No they're not fiber optic. They might be like high voltage. Maybe at first I thought they look like maybe fiber. but no they're not.

So wow that's interesting huh? Oh look no seriously this is wrapped. This is rat. This is like new in box. Wow.

Are you kidding me? Oh man. Wow. Okay I was going to make this a tear down video but no, no, this is gonna have to be completely separate. Wow.

Okay, this is just nuts. 4D Nucleo Effector Core Unit Uh, that manual showed that it had is there an X unit as well? Maybe. I've got the X unit. Um, down the bottom.

that'd make that. didn't make sense. Um, oh, you better go double up. Double check the whoa.

Double check the dumpster. That's just a display to close display. Pull it gently towards you. don't push.

No. Okay, it's not going back down. Okay. I've goofed that oil.

Okay I have no idea what the trick is there. Okay, let's see what else. Oh yeah, I got I got a bag of smiley faces. It's terrific.

Wow, oh that. that makes a great thumbnail that makes I'm going to use that for a thumbnail. That's just crazy. A new inbox I mean here we go.

Okay, we've got something else. Uh no, no, it's a Cytosmart 2 device. What's a Cytosmart 2 device? Um oh hello. uh oh.

God Come on, all the medical people out there I know there's a percentage of you, um, who watch and they're probably going oh man, don't kill for that. Oh wow, it actually comes with the product license key. Um, are you serious? Oh, is that it? Is that it? Uh, it was just like okay, it's got a lead and a camera. um am I eat in the nether regions I Know all my viewers in the nether regions um distributed by Lonzer so it's a Scio Smart Technologies is the company that makes it.

but what else we got? Um yeah USBC Hub because I scored a nice little USBC Hub in there. Oh, it's only got two. Okay, oh, there you go. Um, it's got a through.

Oh, it's got the ethers as well so that's geez, that's nice. That's Beauty that's a Bobby Dazzler I Think that's all you get? Oh yeah, looking at the photo again, it does. That's that's what I got. So obviously there's a lead Source up here.

It's probably just. it's better than just a normal LED it's uh, you know, got I don't know some fancy Spectrum or something. Um, you know it could just be UV or something like that. Who knows.

But uh. anyway, it's designed. You put the vial in there of whatever liquidy doesn't look. it's kind of.

It's a red. but I don't think it's blood. Um, and you put that in there and there's some sort of detection camera on the bottom. Ah, a new era of personal affordable.

Uh, Live cell Imaging Systems integrated Cloud Functionality: Wank wank in your officer home outside. Oh, you can use it. Okay, so it's like a consumer thing outside a clean room or incubator. We Define hypoxi conditions.

Simply view your cell culture in real time. Okay, so you take a cell culture. Is this like a cancer thing? Do you take like a scraping from your skin or something and then uh, stick it in the liquid and then it. You leave it for a week or something under the light and it cold it.

You know it multiplies or whatever and then you can view it I Can only assume that's that's what it is. Um, that's interesting and got to get the head down here into the dumpster. But we got what is this okay and Endo Safe Pts Portable Test System Um, it's serial numbered. Me: it's you know.

calibration date is due 2020. it's got the Ethernets and DC what does it do Charles River Laboratories Endosafe Pts Okay, so you stick your thing up the clacker there and uh, it analyzes it I don't know and once again, these all come with the power supplies and everything I think there's more stuff down there actually? I'm gonna go for a second. uh sucker. the Sav: Yes.

I'm back and I do have more stuff. let's check it out and will this be that? Max Matching box. Yeah, it's a mystery. Micro alert microplasma detection kit once again.

I Get the software and the certificate. Wow and yep and another. CD this is this is pretty much new in box. No, it's not the thing, but we get a holder for all our little cultury things.

Oh it's no. it's the same as same as what we had before. isn't it? That's the same flippy thing. Yep, exactly the same except we've got one of those new inbox.

Ah I Was hoping to find that match in. uh, that matching unit. Don't you hate it? Where you don't get like complete systems in the dumpster I mean come on, if you're gonna throw it out, throw out a complete system. Um for that base unit thing I had anyway.

Oh God I got no Rim left on the floor I have one more item which is rather interesting. look at that. Parker so it's not. uh, it's not branded that.

look at that 1010 pots. thank you very much and uh whoa, look at the way is that being used? is any liquid in that I wonder? Yeah, So you wrap your tube around there like that and it's just got a wheel in there that then, uh, you know it changes the pump rate. um of your uh, whatever stuff you got flowing through the tube, that one doesn't have it. So yeah, there you go.

It's just like a roller. It's nothing I don't think it's anything fancier than that. Um, so yeah, it's probably just got some DC motors in it and on the back. there you go and a DC input thing.

There you go that's a cute little parka I might do a two minute tear down of that. but the other stuff I might have to leave it for another video and it's American It's got that weird ass Imperial stuff It didn't, the three millimeter Allen key didn't fit and the two and a half is loosey-goosey So yeah, weird ass Yankee stuff. but let's uh, let's crack that open 24 volt pump. This would be a nice uh instrument case.

actually, you know, a bench top? um, case you could. You could do something interesting with it I'm sure. seems like it's maybe a little bit used, but there's no there's going to be no, uh, crusty business own there. Oh there you go.

nice little uh stepper Motors are they and uh oh, they're they're just controllers I think uh UI Robot UI Robot controllers. Anyone know them? Oh look, oh there you go. nice. So that's a good score.

So we got uh, the 210 turn pots. are they? Burns Jobbies no Vichay spectral uh Precision Potentiometer. There you go. That's that's a nice little score, isn't it? Um I don't know what I'd do with it.

uh, leave it in the comments down below. but yeah, that's pretty groovy I like that and now you might be able to see the part number on that down there. Perhaps it's an interesting score? Um, got any idea what this stuff does? I'm not going to bother for this manual. This is just like a dumpster unboxing.

Uh, but if you are in the medical field, let us know. Have I got a decent score here? And would you like to see a tear down like there's probably not a huge amount in it? You know it's probably like in this I don't know what is there a you know, some whizbank light sources so oh, that one could be interesting. this one. Um, you know there's not much happening in it.

No. I reckon that's just you know, some sort of whiz-bang spectral thing. Maybe just measures the visual Spectrum or something? perhaps? Let us know in the comments. Down Below on that that webcam I wonder what webcam I've got can I get that out of there.

It's a flush gel camera. There you go, but it's just a Logitech camera with a little little filter on it. It will succumb to my percussive maintenance. There you go.

So it is custom designed to fit that little Logitech it's a HD 720 Arts old. Okay, yeah, it's a 720p. Nothing special there. but hello, if you like that dumpster.

score, give it a big thumbs up. And uh, as always, discuss down below and uh, let me know what I've got here. Catch you next time.

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26 thoughts on “Eevblog 1528 – i found a bin full of dumpster bio lab devices!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lee Studley says:

    Nice finds!!!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy Davies says:

    You took stuff dumped from a Bio Lab??? …your braver than me as I remember what sneaked out of a Biolab a few years go lol but at least you had gloves on… I hope it wasnt used for growing viruses!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ugetridofit says:

    I get the feeling Dave is one of those guys who parks his car in the driveway because his garage is full of crap.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jacob Goodwin says:

    Haha if you ever feel the need to get rid of some of that stuff, I work in a co working lab space in melbourne (generally early startups) that would love some extra equipment.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mine own says:

    I'd want to know what the biolab was working on before touching anything .

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Albert Van Duren says:

    You have the best dumpster ever!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raman Narayanan says:

    You can make a nice two part micro epoxy mixer using the stepper controlled peristaltic pumps. If the pots control the speed, it could even make the mixer a variable ratio one.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wwickeddogg says:

    Free blood testing!!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jajjiejajjie says:

    Oh my lord….where do you go dumpster diving at? You find the coolest stuff ever! Just like the time you found that Keysight scope in the trash!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheGhung Fu says:

    Any questions as to why medical care costs so much these days?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DJ_PaulTUK says:

    No wonder companies go bust when they keep throwing out 1000's of dollars worth of kit all the time. Its just madness. You could make a tidy Christmas bonus putting that lot on ebay.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Gockel says:

    Someone trying to steal this stuff from the medical facility is going to be pissed dave pulled it out of the dumpster before they got off work.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Don'z Lockz 🇦🇺VK1DON says:

    Did it all come from a big baloon?😄

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frank Bose says:

    u would think someone would of tried to sell that stuff and not just throw it away

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Newman says:

    If you decide you'd like to part ways with them after you've finished tearing them down, I work at a lab grown meat company in Sydney that could put a few of those tools to good use.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RazaXML says:

    you're going to get yourself kicked out of the building for going through peoples shit trash or not. if the company that threw that away saw this, they'd probably file a complaint… when you throw away items there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy in a building like that.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cory Engel says:

    Well OBVIOUSLY you just stick you’re thing up in the clacker there.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Emmert says:

    Whoever threw this away isn't the brightest. This is expensive, even used. Whoever signed the purchase order could have a heart attack watching this.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Uni-Byte says:


    Dave obviously lives in electro-nerd heaven!

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Integrated Electronics says:

    The planet is burning, people are dying of hunger, war, disease or pollution. And at the same time some other people toss expensive medical equipement in the dumpster, not even for recycling. How can they get away with this, and not want to commit suicide ? Tell me this is a bad prank.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JohnH says:

    The Wikipedia article on small interfering RNA includes a lot of the words about the chemicals and so forth we see in the manuals here.
    siRNA is used as a gene knockout compound to stop certain genetic things from happening in a cell. This might be used for therapy. The electrical equipment and stuff in the trash is used to develop the stuff for this therapy and research.
    Read the article to get a cogent description. I'm not a biochemist

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AlmostAnEngineer says:

    I would say these are sales samples, that a rep would take around to show off, more than anything used in a lab

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Farzad Motazedian says:

    it seems like a private covid test lab.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scrizati says:

    My biomed research lab would kill for some of that gear

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Manny Calavera says:

    WTF, stuff like this really shouldnt be thrown away, nice find Dave!

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    Peristaltic pumps, useful to pump precise quantities of liquid. You could make the world's most precise flux dispenser, and finally be able to accurately dispense a Rossman of flux every time repeatedly, so you can never be underfluxing any joint.

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