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I'm at rydell here at the uh. Jay carr warehouse here and uh. They they've got their sale on which are like a complete warehouse clearance because they moving the warehouse. So um everything must go and i've done one of these videos before i'll link it in but uh let's go in and have a look what they've got available.

So it's on for three days. But uh yeah. People are already cutting out stuff. I did actually forget oh people are caught in everything.

I did actually forget to bring a uh trolley. So oops that was a noob mistake. That's for sure so let's go in there's got uh they've got like uh new stuff surplus stuff. No you know stuff that they never um sold they've got repairs and obsolete um.

You know stuff and so we've got cree spotlights. We've got i don't know what that what the heck is that i saw a wall light. So it looks like that it looks like they're categorized and these are like their um solar kind of you know uh torchy. Kind of stuff.

Nice stereo headphones. I like some sort of pistol. Y. Thing so this is all sorts of stuff that they sell but on the other side.

I'll go back and show you they've got a whole bunch of whole bunch of excess stuff. Which will have a look so there you go people lining up. But here's all sorts of like weird and wonderful stuff. I even so what is that like a camping thing something like that they've got lots of like camping.

Fridges and stuff. Lots of cameras uh. It's video recorder. Things old school turntable.

And people have been picking through all morning. So. I am late um 10 bucks from broken screen. No idea.

What that is oh. That's a meanwhile um. That's a meanwhile uh that's gotta be yeah. That's power supply.

There you go so that's pretty decent. Oh stripe that's a uh that's one of those um is it a label printer or is it one of those card printer things um 20 bucks bargain um yeah i might have a look at that it might be gone oh the zebra. Oh goodness um. They haven't got a price on the zebra um.

But yeah wow okay solar panels people are lining up lining up ready to get out and we got indoor outdoor speakers well you wouldn't use those indoors. They're outdoor. Only and here's the warehouse and let's go and have a look. So yeah.

There'll be lots of repair stuff um somebody there was a viewer. I met on the way in and they scored um like a dozen a whole box full of thermaltronics uh desoldering irons um. For like 10 bucks each or something i know 80 bucks for the whole lot anyway. They've got these i do want to pick one of these up these are like camping um dual zone fridge freezer things and you can power them from solar panels and whatnot.

They've just got tons of excess. They've got the ones in the metal uh you know wheelie cases and stuff. Yeah apparently these are like down near cost price or something so sounds like a lot. But they their retail is a lot more than that so dual zone fridge freezers.

More of them they've just got tons and tons of them. So that's the kind of thing. There so they've got lots of like because companies like jaycard. They do try out lots of products like they get them in and they think they might sell them or they only sell them wholesale.

Some rope there look at that like there's all sorts of chains and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff. Speaker polarity tester. The crimpers see that's pretty good anyway. There's the uh.

There's the warehouse in there so anyway. I have been offered a tour of the new warehouse. So we'll definitely go around and see that and i see an old mate of mine. Abel phony all right so we've got i don't know everything's a dollar.

But uh yeah. Pro tip. If you come on the last day. In the last couple of hours.

They'll be uh everything here will be a dollar. So yeah a wave link i don't know what are those oh they're wi fi extenders and stuff like that and i have heard that there are components here so we'll have to find them plug packs geez. Now you can spend hours and hours you have to look through like every tub. It's just crazy see there's a hundred watt look at that you know 100 watt switch mode power supplies by the like the pallet load of like unbelievable.

I have to yeah. I have to come back and uh meanwhile uh power switching power supplies meanwhile. Unbelievable. So yeah bulk lot of power supplies and stuff like that and um connectors anyone connectors connectors.

It's just it's crazy stuff. Yeah. They they do carry lots of um. You know solar and battery and uh stuff like that so definitely more power supplies.

Just yeah. There's the there's the meanwhile. There's one of the meanwhile. Ones of course.

Abs. You know meanwhile are a quality. Uh brand. And that's.

A 12 volt. 17. Amp. Jobby and corded meanwhile.

Jobbies. As well at the whole box. The whole box is ten dollars. Not just one not not ten dollars each.

The whole box. Is ten bucks um. Come on 12 volts. Five.

Amps. Um. Give. Me a break.

This is just nuts wow. This is this has better stuff than the uh last time. I was here once again like meanwhile like like a dollar each a dollar at five dollars a box for a box of i don't know what are they china caps or something. But yeah.

This is like you buy the entire box you don't buy just one that's just nuts and just miscellaneous boxes. What do we got oh look caps look got entire reels of caps. So here's oh here's your components. Okay.

So we're starting to get into them look at these look at these electrodes. I'm not sure what a 4700 mic 63. Volt. An entire bag for an an entire box of components.

An entire box look at the look at the resistors. Oh we got we've got the ammo boxes they they call these ammo boxes of one watt. Um it was a 27. K.

One watt thousand piece boxes and they're like a dollar. A box like come on i'm just i i have to get them. I have to get them um. Make us an offer for the for these um.

They're once again. They've got tons of these i didn't know that they had these meanwhile. Power. Supplies that they did these.

But you know. 12. Volt. 16.

Amp. Um. And you can just buy them. Make us an offer for the whole box offer them 10 bucks for the whole box.

And they'll take it there's okay so we've got the quadcopter and racing parts okay. So they're all sorts of they've got monopoly games. Even that's just that's just nuts okay. And i have no idea.

What that is what on earth is that that's a big blower. It's a yeah. It's a big blower thing um. Like like a what i don't get it.

Oh my god yeah look at these look at these grab bags of components look at this 500 that's just that's crazy it's crazy i'm gonna have to get grab bags of components and meanwhile power supply is coming out the wazoo. This is just this is just nuts more more just pallet like unbelievable and once again another more pallets of meanwhile power supplies. And more stuff is coming out by the way. I've heard that uh.

This is not it it's just like they don't have room they need room for people to physically walk around so stuff goes they'll bring more stuff out so i get it's just a random like monitor pulled apart. It's like what is that a is that a touch screen that looks like a it's a touch screen interface looks like it like yeah. Elo touch solution. So like wow.

What a like are these like huge touch like a pallet load of touch screens. What's what's tycho. They got a box oh that's no elo is tyco. I don't know.

But like touch screen's unbelievable need some chairs anyone bueller bueller and they've got these robot dog things more more pallet loads of meanwhile power supplies. This is just insane like you know i'd take them all. But what the hell you can do with them. Let you get just.

One box of each type will last you like forever. They got panasonic um phones for home and stuff like this this is just wow this beats the last one let me tell you the last one had uh just you know it last. One was good i liked it but this one yeah. This one's way better than turntable.

So you can't get rid of them like offer them by 36. I'm sure if you bought the whole palette. You could get the whole pellet for 10 bucks or something um. It's it's a they've got a 500 watt wind generator.

So yeah as i said they've got lots of uh solar stuff so if you need yeah there it is yeah marine grade 500. Watt wind generator that's cool. I've got and no use through it can't put in the backyard wouldn't be mrs. Ev blog approved of course.

But don't you know they've got big power tech. Um. It's yeah that's a gigantic yeah. It's one of those marine battery charger.

Things outdoors that's a giant um pa speaker yeah look at the size of that it's enormous. But yeah here's some solar panels. If you want some solar panels. There that did probably a digi tech brand.

You know nothing uh nothing special. But this is nuts oh somebody just got a couple of robot dogs you know well yeah. If you've got like kids you can each give them a robot dog you know so yeah. But the components over there they were crazy.

I've got to get the like let's just just go through like these look at the dust on these how long have these been here. How long have these been in the warehouse. Just like oh wow. See they didn't have any components last time um.

So not sure about the price. Ask us there's nothing left. Oh. There you go remote control cars uh.

And it looks like lead down lights. No they're. No giant buttons. There you go.

A giant green um industrial button. There. They're really handy you know those big uh projects and stuff. They're really nice security stuff and they battery holders there you go if you need bulk battery holders wow.

That's just two dollars a pack for the bulk batteries like here's the components. Again like oh. They've got the old school look look. I didn't know they did this i didn't know they did the old school tandy thing tandy radio shack thing of like two resistors per card.

I had no idea really wow look you can buy their entire you know like that's just what a waste. But that's the old school um tandy electronics that takes me right back to the 70s and 80s wow. But look just. Oh zero.

Oh. And i thought that was zero iron for a second. But uh speakers. Any one little eight iron point seven watt jobbies looking at a dollar each come tomorrow.

Offer. A modern dollar for the entire box and they've got big uh interfaces ah oh i've gotta get the shirt. He's got the shirt good luck. What do you got components.

Oh yeah. A couple of meanwhile supplies. Yep. Bit of hardware box of resistance.

Oh yeah. I'm i'm going to get a couple of boxes of resistors yep. Yep and i forgot to bring the trolley. I have no idea what those plugs are and cut dust cover for something.

There's boxes of dc power. Cables you can buy entire boxes like what are these box like they're not even like a dollar per bag of what you know it's like i got no idea they didn't no. What are they i thought they were din plugs. For a minute um oh.

Just trays no. I've already got like trays of uh. This sort of stuff in the bunker. And it's just like you can get in like unbelievable.

Like trust. Me you'll be able to get the entire box for like a dollar in the last couple of hours of this sale like it's nuts so if you've got uh projects and stuff like that um. There you go you got some whip antennas nice and no idea no idea what any of this is you real you know i i can't do this. While i'm walking around with the camera like i have to specifically.

There's another bag of caps. I have to specifically um and what sort of connectors are there they're nice waterproof seal connectors. Yeah. I can't do this while i'm walking around with the damn camera so after i shoot this i'm gonna walk around again flippers flippers.

Okay all right well electronic components and flippers. So yeah why not and apparently all that space up there. I was just told all that missing space they were inverters apparently uh. But they're all gone so i i miss the inverters.

I don't know if more will come out it's a marine polish. This is nuts tv panel mounts. What the heck is that oh. It's a um inflatable vesty.

Thing right yeah. So this is all sorts of like marine hardware and stuff. Boating hardware stuff. Like that um.

A door for a caravan. A door for a caravan. There's another wind turbine uh. I just like it's just complete random stuff so there's those big rovin um.

No that's a different brand uh ones. But uh yeah. They've got just tons of these fridge freezers. Yeah.

I was told the reason uh they can't have these in the new warehouses because new warehouse is all pick and place robots. Which i will get a tour of um hang around not today of course. But i will uh shortly get a tour of that and yeah. These are too too big they're too big to handle uh for the new robots automated robots warehouse robots to handle so yeah and over here i did see here we go we missed it on the way in there.

He is thank you we just spied dave who runs the uh twitter thing look at the um yeah. It's just crazy they palette loads of pcs just going okay and what do we got here all parts i got no idea like they blowers or something i don't don't exactly know they got cash register. Things. Uh printers and stuff.

So yeah. I don't they're going to move the computers. So the computers are going somewhere. I don't think they started uh selling those yet.

But strange yeah that's uh high. I don't know what ones they are uh intel call two duos okay they'll be a dollar a pop. I think that's just crazy looks like audio stuff here. But uh oh yeah there you go i've got one of those audio visual um hdmi to vga component things they're handy you know to 20 bucks each you'll get get that for a dollar.

On saturday. Um. Oh. Pliers and stuff.

Nice yeah. Get some long nose pliers. Oh. There we go heat sinks yeah.

No worries worth picking up a couple of heatsinks to put in the junk bin. Not a problem gigantic bags of screws digital. Panel. Meters.

They're they're handy. No idea yeah they'd be like a three and a half digit. Okay something like that oh yeah no you'd have to wire. It up.

But they're nice so definitely worth picking up ah analog panel. Meters nice there you go check it out worth picking up a couple of old school panel meters. I had no idea what what on earth is that float i had no idea. But anyway.

There's the old uh there's the old warehouse. If you want to have a look and uh all manual. The new one has pick and place robots so we'll see what that's like wireless panic buttons okay i'm sure you can buy all their wireless panic buttons a ghetto blaster there you go come on this is just crazy so yeah missed a lot of stuff you had to get here real early this morning. All the 3d printers are gone they've just got like a resin 3d one resin 3d printer left and uh but yeah they got rid of all the uh all the oh no yeah yeah there we go so yeah now they've got a couple of resin 3d printers left but all the uh regular 3d printers they uh they went quick smart and the inverters apparently and all right yeah someone's keen huh.

We're four wind turbines. Someone's got four four or five wind turbine generators. Why not i mean you know if you've got like a large property or something like that set up a couple of 500 watt. You know if you win.

Windy area that'd be absolutely fantastic. It's uh yeah not sure where the uh terminal blocks incredibly useful like so jeez like you literally pick those up the whole lot for next to nothing unbelievable. I've got to sort through all the components. I i just ah look you know not more meanwhile.

Power supplies. I'm gonna have to pick up like a box of each different type of um meanwhile power supply because there's just there's just so many of them i can't believe i forgot to bring my trolley. What an absolute dork. I am.

What a noob whoa. Awesome look at this beast wow switching regulator look at that 24. Volt. 20 amp.

Wow gonna have to oh. I have to pick up a couple of those wow like five five bucks for a box is that is that that model. I don't know i do you know you're gonna match up the model numbers five five dollars each five dollars each even that is an absolute bargain unbelievable down lights and they got more of them here we go. But as i said you'd be able to pick up like the entire palette worth last day.

If they're still here like yeah. It's just nuts all these meanwhile. I had no idea they had so many meanwhile they sold so many meanwhile power. Supplies these are absolutely.

Fan. 48. Volts there you go 48 volts. 42.

Amps. Like you know. It's not common that you get a 48 volt. One.

So you know i'd pick up a whole bunch of those well you know i only ever need one. But you know i might pick up a box and uh. I is that some sort of that's some sort of smart two phase four four wire wise system. I don't know what that is you know you would have to google that you have to take at least one of each type.

What yeah what what is that oh yeah. But what does it do it's an actual din rail supply right just a raw supplement. Yeah 12 volts 63. Amps.

I mean you have to buy a box of them five bucks five bucks unbelievable and the the touch screens like all those like nobody's touching the touch screens um. I'm here a week ah no so this is they've got tires. Why they've got tires um and is that a bumper for something i get like why end an appellate load of j. Car.

Catalogs there. Um oh. This is just this is just crazy. Because it's not just jay car j cars wholesale arm electus.

They do like wholesale stuff you know and you can get like a wholesale account with them. And you can buy all your parts. And you know stuff like that wholesale. I have no idea the power supplies are just absolutely fantastic.

There's more it's more over is that there there's more factory over there as well. I might uh might actually just go have a squish and got a huge facility here that they own. But they are going to vacate. It and you can see that it's all it's all gone.

It's all it's all gone. This is the old electus distribution wow. Wow. It's all gone yep.

So this will all be i don't guess i have to dismantle the racks because the new warehouse is uh working and um. I look you've got display cabinets as well display cabinetry stuff. And this is their warehouse of uh giant. Um yeah.

Look they've got monitors and all sorts of things to come like all this stuff is going to come so here's all the uh these fridge freezers wow. They've got like a whole warehouse full of these woven fridge freezers. This is just this is just nuts come on i have no idea their facility was it goes into that room as well. I had no idea.

Wow. When they commit to a product. They really commit um. No wonder they want to get rid of these things they just.

I i just got too many of them jeez that'd be practically giving them away next week. It goes through there as well like almost this entire warehouse is the roven warehouse um. So i'm not sure what sort of deal they've done with rovin. I got i got no idea.

But this seems to be like the main roving. But i think this whole warehouse is just dedicated to roving fridge freezer portable fridge freezer things. This is nuts oh. It's sad buy turntables.

Nobody wants to turn tables nobody wants them that's rather sad. Oh. There you go. There's some inverters faulty items.

As is yeah special terms of sale. Apply yeah you could probably get those for a dollar. A pop. They haven't put those out yet they're they're they're covered up their secret squirrel.

They're ready to go huh. I sold somebody bought the whole lot oh it is sold bob good on you bob um. I'm sure bob will be uh selling these on ebay so look for power tech 1500 watt 2 000. Watt job he's on bob selling them on his ebay store good on you bob rod antennas um.

Yeah. Okay you want the whole box. I don't know how many different types of values of resistors they got here. But there you go different values lots of 51ks 11 ohms 750k.

So you'd have to sort through all of these boxes. Like you could if you spent enough time. Here. You could actually um get like a box of each value seriously check out these nice little.

Uh din. Rail adjustable supplies meanwhile ones are 15 volt 13. Amps and voltage adjustable oh box of them pick up a couple and check this out relays. I had no idea electus carried.

Panasonic. Relays and like there's a hundred per box. I'm going to pick up a box um and there you go. It's just well.

There are sealed ones. But uh yeah here you go wow. Panasonic relays. Why not don't know if they actually had multimeters here or not but there you go.

15 bucks for a high voltage insulation tester from pro tec this uh people are still here they keep rolling in all day. It's incredible starting to look through stuff. Now. And i'm just amazed at the number of um anderson connectors and products they got here well like there's got to be i don't know half a dozen pallets just full of them absolutely full of all different uh shapes and sizes with the uh with the connectors and and you can just get bags of the connections and everything unbelievable.

And i found a um arduino tech lily pad one of those. But yeah. There's entire bags of those and uh. We don't need any smart cards um.

It's just no it's the same lily pad and then they've got uh microsd card shields and stuff like that so there's no prices on them don't know what they are but uh yeah. And then they've got like these little modularly things what is that uh sensor trace arduino compatible modules and stuff like that and with these touch screen lcds. I found a bunch of uh controller boards with them as well. So yeah.

And they've got like full um 21 inch. Uh 21 inch monitors geez. They've been in the uh store. Room.

A. While look at that dust. Um. Yeah.

Full uh. 21. Um hd. Monitor with touchscreen and stuff make an offer hmm make an offer for the whole palette.

I found an entire box of a pack of 10 pack of 10 resistors unbelievable there you go nobody buys them like that anymore. But it's it's good to know that they're here that's terrific and yeah lcd modules you've got the uh retail packaging and then the bulk packaging stuff so yeah. And a whole bunch of uh gallagher. Never heard of them.

But uh pulse grade caps. Eight. Mike 900 volt. Jobbies in an interesting uh.

You know the radial pin. Arrangement pcb mount you.

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24 thoughts on “Eevblog 1490 – insane jaycar dumpster sale! 2022”
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    Crazy sale. Sad to hear about the warehouse workers being replaced by robots, though.

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    Gosh, i'm on the wrong side of the right country – there's no way i'd make it over there in time to score any goodies lol
    Reminds me of the time I visited a Dick Smith store just after they dropped their electronic parts from the shelves – on asking where they went, the sales rep went backstage and then returned with a big brown box filled with random stock; with the premise being to rummage through it…
    I just asked for a sale price on all they had, and was told to come back later, as he would need to ask the boss.
    I returned a few days later with boot space, and to my delight the boss was fine with selling me two big moving boxes of components for $150!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars priit mölder says:

    Damn, gumtree is going to light up… not to mention ebay…

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    Jaycar and Dumpster? Best place for most of their stock. They sell a few gems, but they are for sure few and far between.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Barclay says:

    I work at a Jaycar across the river, and I can say that we have a corner full of those screw-terminal switching power supplies, that barely anyone buys from. Which is a shame because it’s kinda a goldmine, and they’re all in cardboard boxes so only people who know what they’re looking for ever go there. I mean you sure do pay the Jaycar markup for them, at least the guys with a trade discount occasionally turn up to get one, and you can probably apply for one of your own without too much difficulty.
    A nice high-current 48V Meanwell would make a pretty good basis for a benchtop CC/CV variable switching power supply. With linear front-end, of course. There’s also a couple multi-tap transformers if you want to go for autoranging linear with relays, but the tap selections aren’t that great, and we don’t have particularly large capacitors.

    Also see if you can find any of their vacuum fluorescent displays! They’re like $3 normally, which is cheap enough to base a project around.

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