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Dave tries Jeri Ellsworth's Tilt Five augmented reality AR glasses for the first time!
Unboxing, first reaction, and a bit of a first user review.
00:00 - Tilt Five AR Kickstarter Glasses
01:42 - Unboxing
06:34 - The retroreflective game board
08:58 - Plugging into USB3 and fan cooling
09:35 - The glasses design robustness
10:42 - First test FAIL!
12:44 - Jeri to the rescue! (USB3 data rate matters)
13:52 - First reaction!
18:16 - As good as I expected!
18:57 - 1080p resolution
21:27 - Power consumption measurement
23:49 - Two thumbs up! + Fan noise
24:37 - Physics demo + ambient light measurements
28:24 - Over 1000lux ambient
29:09 - Looking through the lens
29:39 - Some real gaming action
31:12 - Fantastic quality mode
33:55 - Is it tiring on the eyes?
34:31 - Conclusion
The Amp Hour with Jeri Ellsworth:
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I'm pretty excited check this out i've got the tilt five augmented reality reality glasses. I was a backer of this way back of course. This is uh ellsworth's uh baby and uh. This has been a long time coming in fact it was more than four years ago.

That we had jerry on the amp hour podcast and i'll link that in it's an excellent episode. Talking about uh. The demise of her former company. Which was cast ir and there's the valve thing.

Which is what uh a lot of this tech uh came from she was working on augmented reality glasses at valve and then um. They decided to scrap the augmented reality division and had a co founder and went out on her own basically and formed tilt. Five and then did a uh kickstarter for this thing. It was an indiegogo and um.

Yeah. I was one of the early uh backers and i finally got my kit. I've got i was a tight ass. I only got the uh.

I only got the le kit um with the single goggles in it. But um yeah. It's they finally delivered after she got venture capital and everything so she uh you know was able to really spend the time to actually develop these glasses. And she has offered uh to be on uh.

The show. So yeah. I will get her on and we'll uh talk about hopefully. The um development of this thing.

And she was kind enough jerry uh. Personally included some extra stuff as well some old prototypes. So yes. I will be doing a teardown video well not really prototype.

So these aren't the early uh bodge prototypes spoiler alert for what's in the box. But uh yeah. I she did throw in some extra ones. I'm not sure if they work.

But yeah we can do a tear down. But this is just me playing with it so let's have a squeeze here. I've only got the one uh. The small game board or the normal game board or something um.

It does have there's the step by step instructions there you go. That's pretty good open your game. Board step two plug in your glasses. Because you want a simple seamless.

Um. Experience. And then step three download and launch a game jerry has also sent me uh. Some additional developer um demos and software as well which i can play with so yeah here's the game board now of course this is the retro reflective surface.

I won't show you the full thing this is quite large so this is all retro reflective surface so any light regardless of the angle that the light comes in on because these are a this is an augmented reality uses a projection based um system. So it actually projects. The light onto here and then it bounces back. And you can have as many users as you want and they all get their own individual viewpoint on the board.

Because this is retro reflective material just like apollo 11 put on the moons how they can shine the laser back and these are like calibration dots. I think around the outside. I can't remember exactly but anyway. That's really cool.

It's got a felt backing so it doesn't slide around very nice and in the box up it's not terribly exciting. There's no instructions you scanned it all in we've got our glasses. There you go so they've got the uh. They've got two projectors in there and um tons of sensing stuff and we'll do a teardown video.

But isn't that very nice as the usbc input. There i don't know if they're battery powered or whether or not uh you have to leave them completely plugged. I think you have to leave them plugged in because otherwise um. I don't think.

It's wi fi um to like stream. The game in data or whatever. I think it does go over the usbs. But anyway very nice they don't weigh much and i've already had a fiddle with this um.

So you get like a usb uh to usbc um. And also a usb a adapter as well and then we've got the wand. Which is um. What you play the game with there.

It is so we've got a joystick. There we've got a button on the back and like xboxy uh type controls and stuff here. There's another button. I got no idea.

I don't know about details of this thing as i said there's a quick sneaky peek inside here. But yeah basically um. This has um this is not magic this actually has infrared. I think it's infrared leads and that it tracks um.

It's able to track where you're pointing the wand and stuff. So yeah. It's really cool so this is really amazing tech. So i'm really interested to actually finally put this on i've never used augmented reality.

I don't use virtual realities. So technically. I think this is going to be very amazing so yep. I'm going to peel the sticker off you sticker aficionados there we go.

Only use approved cleaning materials. Keep away from liquids and moisture keep away from heat sources keep around direct sunlight. Avoid scratches. Keep clean with soft lens cloths.

Oh look at that look at that ah like a bought one oh. There we go fantastic all right. I'm ready to plug these bad boys in and give it a burl so i'll pop the double lazy's in there seems like an okay design battery apartment. It's got the rails there yep.

So it can't come off like that so yeah that should be fairly durable. So i'll give it a bill. I have no idea about this i got no. I'm just gonna like probably scan.

This thing um hook. It into the pc. And i installed the uh drivers last night um for these ones. She sent me and i they didn't say they detected.

But they didn't seem to do much. But yeah. I think um. I think some things might be missing from this these were um older prototype.

Y ones. But well. Let's see this is the real deal right here and if memory serves. Me correctly jerry has talked about getting different types of like nose um things here you know for people like i've got a fairly big nose um different types of like nose adjustments.

There's nothing in the box. But yes i don't know what the deal is there and apparently you can wear them with your glasses as well um. So i do wear glasses for you know really up close stuff in in low light um. So yeah i'm not sure what sort of lighting conditions we have to um use this in like you know if you got really big because.

This is this actually projects out so the actual brightness as it appears to your eye is actually reflected back from the retro reflective material. I think it's like it's well over 50 percent return light. I think it might be like 70 or 80 return light or something apparently. It's very good so i guess the perceived brightness to your eyes will uh have to do with um.

The ambient light as well. But anyway. Only one way to find out let's plug it in well. I'm very surprised by the size of the game board actually.

It is quite large here's a banana to scale. So there you go yeah. Very impressed. So you've got to have like quite a large coffee table or whatever to make this thing uh work.

But yeah so there's you know plenty of like you know four people sitter. I assume. It's up to four uh players depending on the game. And i can you know four people sitting around like this and you can poking and i don't know doing whatever you do with characters now to be clear there may be some bias here because i actually hate with a passion 3d virtual reality stuff i hate 3d movies i hate like i've looked at virtual.

I haven't looked recent like in the recent years. But i've hated every vr experience goggle thing that i've used i i just no no i don't like it. But this is augmented reality. This is different this is actually projected out this is why i backed this thing and was curious to see technically if i'd enjoy it or not so.

This is so this uh. First reaction is coming from someone who actually hates virtual reality right you won't find me in mark zuckerberg's bloody wooden. Meta thing whatever it is according to the website. It's only for windows at the moment.

There's an android version coming and a mac. Os version coming as well just on twitter yesterday jerry actually confirmed that uh the android version will actually come before the mac os version so sorry for the mac fanboys all right so. I'm going to plug in the usb cable. Which is um custom shaped and it does actually slide in like that maybe you know if you had a small one you could fit a regular usb c.

It is regular usbc. But like physically um. There you sort of have to do this when it's kind of you know a custom thing like this. And it's got to come out you can't just have it flapping around in the breeze.

So it's nicely integrated in there the usb c connector. So that's done uh really well i installed. The um. The the latest beta version of the game software.

That jerry um sent me rather than download it from the web like the driver. Sorry that jerry sent me so um yeah i'll plug it in i've got my you i'm using the usb. A adapter. I assume that's okay well there we go glasses ready to boot load in firmware validating firmware.

There you go starting starting the glasses. The glasses are starting this doesn't this didn't work with the other pair that i had so other oh. I can hear something is that a fan that's a fan. I can hear a fan.

These things need to be fan called they're not passively called that's a bit of a downside. But i guess if you're all playing and shouting. And you know screaming at your augmented reality game you're not going to hear it. But i'll use it without my glasses first and let's see what happens i do have my overhead studio lights on so it is a bit bright in here game board is like it's just.

It's installed. Okay got the le settings um. All right. I guess.

I just have to run a game. That's just the driver now as for these things fitting on your head um last night when i put these on you can see the photo on twitter. I did actually i i think i cracked. I think i cracked it but these are the prototype ones.

These are not the real ones. So these have probably been used and abused uh. This is like the old proto one of the old protos jerry uh sent me um non functional. But it detects and stuff so like i i put it on like this and it really it really stretches it out.

I don't think i have a big head. Well by definition. I'm a youtuber so i've got a big head right. But um yeah so it's better if you slip them over your head.

Like that then there's less stress on here. But yeah i would have liked to see more compliance in uh the plastic actual design like that because yeah if you yeah if you put a light like that you really have to you have to well maybe maybe. I was doing it wrong. I was like sort of like ah maybe you've got to grab it like that and put it over.

I don't know what the best way is anyway. I do have a tiny little micro crack in there. I think so they're the proto glasses. So let's let's do the real deal.

Okay. I'm going to run a demo called marbles configuration here we go screen resolution 1280 by 720 graphics quality good yeah well that's the only option. I have and display one right display two right okay okay. So this is what we.

This is what should be running okay and this will be me so let's have a go. It's augmented reality is it going to be any good don't know i i think i'll be technically impressed. But yeah please forgive me if i'm not like wowed away as a gamer because i'm not you know i like i'd rather play like a real board game than in any way. Technically i want to check these out there's no instructions how do i turn it on center button.

There we go something blues flashing. Do i have to how do i connect i assume this wirelessly connects well hang on i don't have enough lead length. Here got to be careful uh no i'm not seeing anything i'm doing something wrong hang on no i think i need to read the instructions. I'm not sure if this is like paired or whatever i'm not sure what the deal is oh yeah really need a longer lead length.

Geez. Stupid. Me i actually forgot to choose next step here. And follow the instructions so yeah.

I just thought because the software was running it would instantly work. But no obviously you've probably got to like pair stuff. And do other setups. So yeah idiot users like me.

This is when you're developing products. Like this. And you know the user experience you have to deal with idiots like me press. The system button center button immediately below yeah.

That's what i did you'll see up linking blue led indicating that one is successfully paired yep yep. So i've paired it open the marbles demo. Which is the one i've got no that's it um. No i i did the right thing.

Yeah. There's there's nothing projecting out of this um at all something's not happening. I don't know do i have to replug it i'll just restart everything i don't know got zippity doo dah. I've got nothing so i don't know i'm doing something dumb.

Obviously woo hoo. I finally got it i wasn't doing anything dumb. I was plugging it into the front usb port using the supplied usb a adapter into my uh desktop main desktop pc. Here and i was just talking with uh jerry uh via direct message and she helped me out and um.

She said yeah they're really pushing the limits of data rate on usb um c. So yeah if you plug it into like over like a ribbon cable. She said like on the front panel of a desktop pc. It may not work and that's why it was dropping out from the driver.

So it has to be in there you can see now that it's in there. And it's actually detected and it's running and i can see little projectory things happening here so it's all working it did default to a lower uh. I think 720 by 480 res or something so i'll just run with that for now. And then i'll try and increase.

The uh resolution later because of course. Larger the resolution the greater the data bandwidth so i'm not sure if it automatically like detected that based on what it can do i'm not sure. But anyway. It's projecting so here we go i'm going to put it on my wand is linked up okay here we go will it wow.

Me here we go i haven't got my glasses on so. It might be a little bit fuzzy right up close here. But in the middle. There should be fine.

And i haven't got much lead length. So let's put on way there. We go hello. Three dimensions.

Wow. Okay. I have no idea how to use a controller. But i'm just looking at that that is really cool wow.

Like i'm sitting pretty close to it. And i get the entire field of view. That's really cool and like yeah you can almost reach out and touch that ball that's well done that is very good. Oh yeah.

If i if i look to the camera. It's turned off and it's only it's it's off now. It's off now it's off it's off and as soon as it detects. I guess enough uh dots on the outside it starts projecting and yeah like if i tilt my head like that i can see the edge.

I can see the edge of the actual projection. Even though this is low res. This is amazing um yeah. Yeah.

It's pretty good so start. I guess player one. But it ain't starting so i got no idea how to start this thing. I wish i could see the balloons and stuff.

That's pretty cool um. I can't see it on the thing here. But yeah yeah. This is this is pretty good right.

This. Is this is what i expected it's well yeah. Yeah. It takes a second when you move your head back.

It takes. Like maybe a second second and a half for it to show back up. But that's totally understandable that is very cool well done jerry and team this is very impressive um. If i could only play it i don't know how to start the damn thing anyway.

Yeah. The thing is this well i believe this uh transmits infrared and it's going to come back and the interesting thing if you wave your hand over it you can see the red green blue your fingers turn into red green blue. So that's that's kind of cool. But yeah augmented reality to me is better than virtual reality.

Um. Because you can like you can like just. You know you can put your hands in here. And you can still see them you can still.

See the real world. You can still see your friends right um. Yeah. We just you know it's great.

But oh no here we go oh. It's rolling here we go somehow i got it it's it's started somehow okay way way okay yeah. This is good. I'm gonna have to get the uh.

Yeah. The kids will be the ultimate um test of this thing. So it's a marble run. Oh.

It can go back up hill. How does it do that with gravity. It's defying gravity. There's a.

I can see one of the ah yeah. That's oh that's that's pretty cool. And yeah. I move my head around yeah.

I can see like a there's the windmilly thing um. I you can still you do notice the splits in the board. Though maybe because it's not uh if i put it on a flat. Yeah.

I can still notice the splits on the board. But this is this is really cool yeah yeah. This is good i can see how the kids are going to like this. I've only got one controller.

Unfortunately so hey ride. The bumps. Oh oh. No i lost my ball whoa.

Am. I seeing it flicker or is that i don't know if that's my imagination or not okay. Yeah. The field of view like i'm really close to this and the field of view is almost complete but as i said if i tilt my head like that i do lose a bit of the frame in there.

Oh my ball's gone. Ah roll. This way. Yes.

Oh no no i'm stuck ah oh no no there we go you have to get momentum oh pistons pistons way this is pretty fun all right this is the only demo i have installed. But this is good enough to let me yeah. This is a pretty good demo. It gives you an idea what no.

Oh no hey now i can see the balloon. See this i don't actually need the wand. I don't actually i can just th this one doesn't need the wand at all i'm not doing anything with the wand. So like.

But the wand is to like select like pieces and stuff like you can see you know if you're playing like a board game you can select pieces. I believe and you can like pick them up and stuff. This is as good or better than what i expected yeah whether or not i don't know i'd have to play many hours on it whether or not it's going to hold my in like augmented reality is going to hold my interest i just don't know like i said like virtual reality. I don't know i haven't tried the mod ah haven't tried the modern ones.

But they're all the ones. I've tried i hate them i hate 3d movies i hate you know no no give me the real world. But this is this is fun. I like the fact that you can um.

Why i'm like pointing the wand. I don't i don't know i i don't need to i can just sit here so you can just use it as a normal controller. This is really this is really cool well done well done and and this and this is only low res. This is only low res.

I'm going to try it again in high res. So as you can see i can select the resolution here uh 720 by 480 is what i was playing it at let's see if we can bump that up let's see if we can get full uh 1920 by 1080. See if we can get full full hd. I'm really going to push it i'm not seeing a huge amount of difference actually maybe.

It is there maybe i have to pay attention more. But the other one was the lower res was perfectly fine. I didn't i you know my mind wasn't going oh. This is blocky and low res.

It seemed pretty good so yeah well i like got a habit of using the wand. And i just don't need to just don't need to this is just a normal thumbstick controller. Now and yeah. It it it does look real like i can i can put my like i can't put my hand like it feels like you can put your hand under it like it feels like i can scoop that ball up it it really does like you're you're not seeing my hands obviously.

But it feels like i can scoop that ball up and it feels like my hands going under it under it. But it's not of course because it projects back so that that's really that's really very cool. I i want to get hit by the hammer boom. There we go hang on oh.

I'm just checking just checking the whoop. Oh no yeah yeah. It died if i go too close. But everything's in focus.

You don't have to be a set right when i go further back i can see the resolution now i can see the resolution like i can like it gets fuzzier. Because of the resolution like it's it's a smaller part of the wider field. I i guess is the best way to explain that but as i go in. But it doesn't lose focus at all and i can look around that to see the balloon.

So yeah yeah. It's it's it's fun. I do the the ultimate test will be the kids to see if they like it so i'll take it home tonight. And i'll give the i'll give the kids.

A demo they'll be fighting over it so jerry. I'll have to order another. I'm pretty sure they'll like it. I think i'm going to have to order another headset um.

So another wand and glasses. But but the problem is we don't i'll have to run it from my laptop. So yeah well like that's the thing like you've got a lead length. You are quite limited and you've got to have a pc.

So but of course to have um like wireless in this you probably wouldn't get the bandwidth required and also it adds huge power consumption um things and stuff so i'm not sure how much power. The uh projectors and stuff take i can plug a usb monitor power monitor into it and find out how much power it's taken. But jerry said yeah they're they're on the limits of the data rate. The usbc data rate that they can push but i'm playing this in full hd and yep that's pretty cool okay.

I'm going to try that one more time. I'm going to try that at the lowest res like 640 by 480 right seriously. There's not a huge amount of difference like if i go back. It's still it's still fun like yeah.

It's still fine like in 640 by 480. No waka's at all i assume if you've got two player. You've got two balls. You know and you race each other and then you could that'd be really cool.

It's probably not a single player game. I think just like the oasis. You know it's never meant to be a single player game. I think you know this is designed to play with your friends around the coffee table.

And i can see how this this is going to be a winner. Really i i can see that yeah. I think i think jerry's under something here. Yeah isn't better than vr like because this you can have fun with your friends you can still see your friends like this and it kicks in it'd be nice.

If it kicked in a bit. Quicker. Oh actually there we go like it takes. One two.

Like maybe a second second and a half to kick in. That's a little bit annoying um being able to see the lines. I g. They kind of like vanish when you're actually you know if you sit if something's still you you notice them otherwise it just you know when you've got motion blur and you're playing and stuff.

But yeah. It's really sharp it's in focus. It's got a wide field of view and and it does feel very immersive. It's very impressive yeah.

It's it's exactly what i expected like you know yeah. It's i don't know maybe i've got a good enough imagination to realize what this would have been like technically. But yeah yeah it's and as i said it's probably a yeah. It's definitely on par with my expectations that is for sure maybe even a bit better.

But yeah. You can play this at low res. And i believe um yeah you might even be able to play it from the usb on your phone. Usb c.

Port on your phone uh once once the android version comes out two thumbs up that is really good well done. Jerry um. The noise from these things it's not as loud when you put on your head. It's louder here because it's like it's like coming out the top and so when when you've got it on it.

It's not actually not as loud. It's louder. When you have it here. So it's not distracting at all and the weights pretty good they feel reasonably comfortable.

I kind of maybe like the robustness of the they they feel um fragile like not not hugely fragile. But they do feel a little bit fragile like you know you've got to be careful with them um. But these are basically a first gen product. So i'm you know i'm sure they will um improve.

But no they're more than good enough. This is this is going to be really good. This is going to be successful all right i'm just going to try uh some other demos now. I've got what's called physics gun.

And sorry you can't really see this it's tiny up here. But on the on the game board. It actually looks fantastic and by the way. I'm shooting this with my studio uh lights off.

So i have it fairly dim in here. It's just over 220 lux at the moment for those you know reference for those playing along at home. So 220 lux. So it is quite low light and um.

There's plenty of uh light coming back. It doesn't seem dim or anything so. So. This one is i'm not sure like it's got like a moat with something like liquid falling into it and then i can actually point at objects and i can pick them up with the button.

And i can move them around and the physics like it actually moves other objects. I can push one object with the other so i can pick this up and then i push this and this is this is really cool. And this is one of the augmented reality. Things um.

You know one of the um scientific medical applications and stuff. Like that that you can get with these you know you're doing certain i don't know you can maybe use this for surgery can you or whatever. And you know you can actually manipulate things in the space. And this is this is actually really impressive.

It's really good it feels really natural and it feels like i'm like yeah i like it feels like i can grab it. But then unfortunately you're very disappointed. When your hand like my hand tries to come up my hand looks like it is below this object. But then i bring it up and it just vanishes and it's so disappointing so disappointing um.

But yeah. This is a really cool demo and that's coming. Really. I can get that right in front of me wow.

Wow. And that and that really um. Yeah. I could.

But once again. I can't put my hand behind it. But that that that focus is incredible that like it stays. It really well.

It's it's higher detail now because it's right it fills up my field of view. More this is a really low res demo that's why it's so small on the screen. Capture here. But wow yeah.

This is this is really amazing. I can bring that object right up and then i can leave it there. And i can look around the object like that oh whoa my table just wobbled as in the virtual table. Just wobbled really i can grab and manipulate objects and can i wrote.

I don't know if i can rotate them no i can't seem to can't seem to rotate them. But i can manipulate them and move them around very cool wow and jerry said that they're working on the sound. I can't actually hear the sound. I've got my speakers turned off um.

Now so like before i was having the audio comes through the speakers. But i can hear like i can hear the water dripping now unfortunately when there's no major sound like you know there's no music playing in the background. It's really quite quiet in this room at the moment. I can hear the fans whirring and that that's a little bit annoying.

It's a little bit annoying. But of course to get rid of the fan and have passive cooling on this thing um. It would have to be much heavier. You know you've got to have aluminium in there for the heatsink for the passive heatsink and stuff like that be interesting to get the thermal uh camera on i won't do that in this video.

Anyway yeah i can hear it. But i can hear the dripping of the water in here the ooze. The green ooze. It's a river of slime all right i've got a lego example now and i can use the wand to point at stuff and i can make my little lego character jump.

I wonder if she's got the rights to use the lego. I don't know. But oh oh can i almost made it through so i've turned my studio lights on now you can't see them. But i'm getting 1400 lux.

And that's quite a lot uh whereas. We're only getting 200 lux before so now i'm going to give it see how less bright is it no it's it's still fantastic. There's still no problems whatsoever. Obviously you can't see what i'm seeing.

But really. There's not a huge amount of difference. There okay i'm going to switch my studio lights off. Now yeah.

It's better um. Yeah. You definitely don't don't want to play. It.

With you know like a thousand lux um. You want to play it with like a couple of hundred lux or something like that it is definitely like the colors are richer. They aren't as washed out. But no it was still very playable with well over a thousand lux.

No worries all right let's see if we can see through this lens um. It's going to be difficult. But that's that's what you're seeing there you can you can see through. But yeah you won't get the experience there there's the wand.

I was telling you about but you i'm sure you're not going to get the same experience as looking through and you certainly won't get the stereoscopicy effect through both. But yeah. It's really difficult to shoot footage through this oh no all right now. We're talking.

We've got like this is called forest campaign and i've already battled one dude here we go so i'm going to battle a dude. All right no come on and demon come on and then i can smash the buttons. Boom boom come on yeah. You're right so.

This is just a joystick control. Thing shack slash backslash can i beat the demon. This is pretty cool. Because you can like like you know that that tree's in the way at the moment right trees in the way and i can look around the tree right it's it's very good it's very cool come on one more strike can i kill the demon come on i got him yeah.

It's cool right. So you can actually look around stuff. Yeah. You really need a longer cord length.

But this is pretty impressive right the graphics on this are great see i don't know what the kids are going to think about this. It's going to be interesting to see see the thing is like i can get closer up to that and like i can look around the tree and inspect you know and see things and you know and my character disappears behind the tree and stuff yeah you know it's it's really very cool so yeah. It feels like there's like a like a diorama thing in front of you you know even though my mind knows it's not real. But you know it's pretty good.

Though that's impressive night match get in okay. So i've got this uh demo pack configuration. It's got now fantastic graphics quality. So i'm going to go for broke.

I'm going to go full hd. Yeah. No i'm not seeing the value in the full hd. Here at all this seems to be no more impressive than what i had before anyway.

I don't see any difference between fantastic quality and the you know just the lower res uh. Just the good quality that i was getting that that's what it says the fantastic or good. I don't see fantastic here. It's just the same as the other one so i don't know there we go.

I did actually rotate. The board around and i am actually facing the other direction. Now so if i go like that yeah. I you rotate.

The board. And it's again because the dots are in different orientations now so it knows which orientation is your board. So i've got to play it in this orientation and now my joystick should be correct. Yes.

It is okay got it all right cool oh there we go yeah. So why do i have to pick up the aliens. Or something. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay. This menu is in front of this this one. And and stuff.

Like that it's really yeah. It's really cool. It's novel um. Whether or not the appeal like lasts over the long term.

I i just don't know. But it's very cool like technically it's brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant and it's fun. It's fun to play yes.

I want to go again. Yeah. The audio is really low you can drop them to clear them i can barely hear that use the targets to shoot you barely hear the voices. So yeah.

Whereas you can have it come through your system audio. Like i can turn on my speakers. And it's going to come through now. But you don't want to have to rely on your system audio.

I guess. That's the whole idea and then everyone can get their own audio. I don't get so yeah. I can't wait to yeah.

I'm gonna have to get another pair and and really like it's not designed to play on your own you know you really i should have ordered the two two controller pack. But i just wanted to try it out and see the just technically and i'll do a teardown video inside this thing and um give it a big thumbs up if you want me to get jerry on um. You know interview with jerry and talking about the development of this thing. And all the tech and stuff like that um.

Yeah. Leave your questions in the comments for jerry because um. She has offered to come on so that's really cool. So.

Thank you very much jerry for helping out um. Yeah. I would not have guessed like a data rate. Port um issue there but that that is that is really fun.

I don't feel tired. My eyes. Don't feel stressed um like like in virtu in uh vr. My eyes.

Always feel stressed. I don't like it at all um and yeah. No this this feels good because i like you still see the real world. So it's it's a winner well done jerry and team fantastic.

I think. It's taken like a good couple of years three four well. We had jerry on the amp hour four years ago um. And she was working on it then i'm not sure when i backed it.

But it was a long time ago and i finally got it that she has delivered fantastic and i think it's going to be a winner. So yeah i guess the only thing i can say is that i'd like to see like a next gen. Version of the glasses. That just a bit more physically you know the vibe of these feels like you know if i go like this.

I'm going to snap and apparently um. These have like um. You can do like you can talk with friends. So you can like do it across you know on the other side of the world or something they've got like sp.

I think believe they have like speakers in them or something and a microphone. You can actually talk to other players. And things like that something like that i don't know um. But i think that's that's the case.

But this is this is really cool so they've got the two micro projectors in there bounces back off the retro. Reflector and um. And the you need the alignment dots in here to keep it all aligned. I think she might have mentioned that on the amp hour um thing years ago.

But yeah technically technically it's it's brilliant. And it's a real good idea and i'm glad somebody has done the augmented reality. Thing because everyone focused on the virtual reality side. You put your goggles on and your bloody go into zucker's metaverse wankery.

Thing and no no thank you um. If i'm going to do anything like this i want augmented not stupid virtual reality. So that is really cool anyway thoughts and comments down below catch you next time.


19 thoughts on “Eevblog 1488 – tilt five augmented reality ar glasses – first reaction!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rheingold says:

    Banana for scale……you just gotta love that guy.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nicknack125 says:

    Love the video! Been wanting to pick these up forever, but never had the funds (still don't lmao) but so glad to see that Dave seems to like them!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pedro_ says:

    If it were to use an external power supply, like a regular powerbank, and a 60GHz transceiver, perhaps it would have enough bandwidth and not be tethered to a computer, but the cost and complexity would probably skyrocket too.
    I have no idea what kind of technology it uses, but the HTC Vive Pro has a wireless adapter, maybe something like that in a future revision?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew N says:

    the design of the joystick is way too close in design to a lighter…. AR could be on fire if you take the wrong stick 🙂

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David T says:

    would be good on a laz-boy with lazy-susan.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David T says:

    wait until they start projecting directly onto your retina.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Curry For Breakfast says:

    Huh. Totally forgot I backed these guys on Kickstarter a million years ago. Never heard from them again. They still have my money as far as I am aware. Might have to look into that…

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nerd Garage says:

    Next game idea for T5 (if nobody's done it yet) ….. Operation !! It's the perfect game for this.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vaal River says:

    how big is an Australian 🍌? 😄

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nerd Garage says:

    Don't worry about the kids. My grand neice was drooling on it (almost literally) after only a few moments when she got to try it a couple weeks ago, and even my sister, who is not at all into such things liked it.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marc Fruchtman says:

    Don't duct tape the banana to the game board, or it could become a work of art.
    I agree with you, I haven't liked 3d movies either, but AR and VR are pretty impressive when done well.
    Wow, I figured for sure you would read the instructions first before going live! LoL

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars alch3myau says:

    hmm so cant be used without the board. thats a downer.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aporia says:

    when you see it lmao

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The M25 says:

    This would be so cool with a port or creeper world 4

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TURBINE XP_ ELECTRONIC COURSES says:

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lister Dave says:

    I also used to be a bit wary of VR goggles because they gave me motion sickness and made my eyes water. However a few years ago I tried again, I bought a Windows MR headset (Lenovo) and it was completely different from what I had experienced before. No motion sickness, no eye strain and a wide field of view, so no 'tunnel vision' issues. The only thing was that it was a bit heavy and becomes uncomfortable after a couple of hours of use, but maybe one shouldn't be spending that much time in VR anyway.

    Separately, I also backed the Tilt Five kickstarter quite early and when I pledged it was meant to become available in March of 2020 if I remember correctly but then COVID came along so I just received it earlier this week. It is a very different experience from VR. I won't say it is better or worse, it is just different and I wouldn't substitute one for the other. The same thing that is 'bad' about VR, that it isolates you from the real world is also its strength as it can transport you into a different reality rather than bringing virtual scenes into the real world as AR does.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MegaSmiley says:

    I was a backer of CastAR. Didn’t realize a new AR system was kickstarted

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods says:

    Awesome!!!!! I've been waiting for this to land on YT!

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars What The Function says:

    I remember that podcast. This tech is underrated.

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